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Fadien Freespirit
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Default Sleepers Tomb Changes.....

There was a GM event in WW/EW today...... Will post some of my logs.

[Sun Oct 06 19:43:36 2002] You say, 'Hail, Gardama '
[Sun Oct 06 19:43:43 2002] Gardama stands.
[Sun Oct 06 19:43:51 2002] Gardama says, 'Ah, have you come to help me small one?'
[Sun Oct 06 19:44:18 2002] Gardama says, 'Quite bothersome, the news I have been given is. There are reports of giants milling about outside of what once was the Sleeper's Tomb.'
[Sun Oct 06 19:44:28 2002] Gardama says, 'We find it very disturbing that they are so interested in an abandon tomb. There must be something there that we do not know about...'
[Sun Oct 06 19:44:39 2002] Gardama says, 'I have been sent to find small reconnaissance group to gather more information...I'm sure you understand the difficulties of a dragon attempting to do such...'
[Sun Oct 06 19:45:23 2002] You say, 'What is it you wish me to do, oh great one?'
[Sun Oct 06 19:45:27 2002] Gardama regards you indifferently -- looks like quite a gamble.
[Sun Oct 06 19:45:36 2002] Gardama says, 'I would ask you to gather a group, and use stealth and trickery to gather such information, but you appear to be missing your equipment...'

(Oh, I ran into him when I was on a Corpse run... kinda funny, got rez half way through our conversation, and had to run back to where I had found Gardama. EDIT: Also note, RIGHT before I clicked YES on the rez, my corpse appeared under his claw.... so I had to run back naked.)

[Sun Oct 06 19:48:02 2002] Gardama puzzles as Fadien vanishes, leaving the dragon to stare at the poor Fier`dal's equipment in confusion.
[Sun Oct 06 19:48:52 2002] Gardama says, 'Yes, well, the matter is in Fadien's hands...I do believe.'
[Sun Oct 06 19:49:12 2002] Gardama looks over to Fadien.
[Sun Oct 06 19:49:42 2002] Gardama says, 'Fadien, go to Eastern Wastes and find the Sleeper's Tomb. Gather what information you can, and at all costs, remain unseen.'
[Sun Oct 06 19:50:03 2002] Gardama says, 'I fear that the giants will do something terrible if they see you there.'

So... after this, I run over to the Sleepers Tomb Entrance, and sneak up next to 2 Giants (Also GMs)

[Sun Oct 06 20:11:51 2002] Guard Vebjornur says, 'By the Zeks, it's been so warm and miserable lately! I swear I have been sweating up a storm lately!'
[Sun Oct 06 20:11:59 2002] Guard Granin spits onto the ground at his feet.
[Sun Oct 06 20:11:59 2002] Guard Granin says, 'You're telling me. Before you know it, this whole place is going to be like the Wakening Lands, the filthy rotters.'
Sun Oct 06 20:12:06 2002] Guard Granin says, 'Well, at least we have some hope left...'
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:07 2002] Guard Granin jerks a thumb over at the entrance to Sleeper's Tomb.
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:11 2002] Guard Granin laughs and slaps Guard Vebjornur on the shoulder.
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:15 2002] Guard Vebjornur laughs and smiles darkly.
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:16 2002] Guard Vebjornur says, 'Yer right about that, Granin! After we gain control of this place, and after we get rid of them pesky dragons we will make short work of them good fer nothing Coldain!'
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:26 2002] Guard Granin says, 'Vebjornur, did ya hear that?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:29 2002] Guard Vebjornur mutters a spell to himself.
[Sun Oct 06 20:12:38 2002] Guard Vebjornur shouts, 'SPIES! Destroy them!'

The 2 giants jumped me and started to try and beat me up... at first they weren't hitting me, but I had a guild group there, we tried to fight them, and weren't doing to great of a job, considering they were both GMs.....

I went back to WW, and talked to Gardama again.

The guildies that went back with me wanted to get in on the event, so this is all the conversation that went on... *mutters something about silly guildies trying to get in on the quest that was given to him*

[Sun Oct 06 20:28:45 2002] Gardama says, 'What news do you have for me?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:28:47 2002] Echelon says, 'yes wakey wakey'
[Sun Oct 06 20:28:54 2002] You say, 'We found two giants there'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:00 2002] Katanya says, 'They seemed quite powerful.'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:04 2002] Gardama says, 'Curious...'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:07 2002] Hotplate tells you, 'and if he hands out rewards.....mention my name too...hehe'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:16 2002] Caanus says, 'They were unwilling to listen to reason when we found ourselves evenly matched'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:21 2002] Aadoor says out of character, 'doggie at tunned entrance'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:26 2002] Atroxis says, 'i was unable to damage them. it upset me '
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:36 2002] Echelon says, 'they hit like kromrif infants /snicker'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:47 2002] Gardama ponders the matters at hand.
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:56 2002] You say, 'They were discussing a battle in the arena, then started to talk about taking Sleepers Tomb, and taking over it. THey wanted to take over Sleepers Tomb, then conqure the Thordain after'
[Sun Oct 06 20:29:56 2002] Caanus says, 'One possessed magics to rival my own. neither seemed unnaturally powerful beyond that however'
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:00 2002] You have scrounged up some food.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:02 2002] You take a bite out of a Lichen Roots.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:02 2002] Ahhh. That was tasty.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:03 2002] You no longer have a target.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:08 2002] Gardama looks completely puzzled.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:16 2002] You say, 'Taling about Sleepers Tomb even....'
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:19 2002] Caanus begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:19 2002] Caanus's casting is interrupted!
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:34 2002] You say, 'It sounded like they had plans to raid it, and take it for themselfs'
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:41 2002] Gardama says, 'What on Norrath would they want with the Sleeper's Tomb? It has been abandoned since Kerafyrm awoke...'
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:56 2002] You shrug unknowingly.
[Sun Oct 06 20:30:59 2002] Katanya says, 'Could there be a sibling of Kerafyrm still hiding within?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:01 2002] Gardama regards you indifferently -- looks like quite a gamble.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:03 2002] Hotplate tells you, 'so whats happening?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:07 2002] You told Hotplate, 'Talking to him now'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:09 2002] Gardama regards you indifferently -- looks like quite a gamble.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:10 2002] Gardama regards you indifferently -- looks like quite a gamble.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:11 2002] Katanya says, 'Or a power yet unseen by our mortal eyes?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:11 2002] Vaalken tells the guild, 'hehe His name is Robert Paulson ehehehe'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:13 2002] Caanus begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:16 2002] Caanus winces.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:25 2002] Gardama says, 'Kerafyrm had no siblings, and there were none left after he awakened and rampaged.'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:26 2002] Hotplate tells the guild, 'wrong...WAS robert paulson'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:26 2002] Braydin tells the guild, 'You just get that?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:27 2002] Caanus is covered in fungus.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:35 2002] Atroxis says, 'a stronghold closer to their dwarvish foes?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:40 2002] You tell your party, 'This is a GM for those that didn't know, not an automated NPC'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:43 2002] Caanus begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:44 2002] Ianari tells the guild, 'lol'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:45 2002] Hotplate tells the guild, 'bob had bitch tits...'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:45 2002] Gardama regards you indifferently -- looks like quite a gamble.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:46 2002] Caanus floats into the air.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:46 2002] Gardama regards you indifferently -- looks like quite a gamble.
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:50 2002] Reddoak tells the guild, 'rofl'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:52 2002] Gardama says, 'I must take this information to the Claws at once. Things seem dires now, and may be worse than previously expected.'
[Sun Oct 06 20:31:55 2002] Hotplate tells the guild, 'and one hell of a headlock'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:00 2002] Braydin tells the guild, 'I am bobs colon, i get cancer and kill bob'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:00 2002] You have scrounged up some food.
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:05 2002] Emiander tells the guild, '<---doesnt need to hear about bobs personal probs'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:05 2002] You take a bite out of a Lichen Roots.
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:05 2002] Ahhh. That was tasty.
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:14 2002] Katanya says, 'Can we assist you further? I am under orders of the Dain to protect Thurgadin, and this concerns me.'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:17 2002] Your vulnerability fades.
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:17 2002] Hotplate tells the guild, 'u ever seen fight club emiander?'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:19 2002] Brythen tells the guild, 'I suddenly got the impression that I haven't a clue what people are taling about'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:20 2002] You say, 'I was glad I was able to aid the Claws in some way'
[Sun Oct 06 20:32:22 2002] Gardama says, 'I have for you some gems from my personal horde, in payment for your service to the dragon-kin of the Claws of Veeshan...'

Anywho... the reward was 6 BDs, I gave some of them to the people that helped me out. Gardama walked off after handing me the BDs.

Was kinda cool, but I guess it has to deal with the soon to be ST changes.
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[Sun Oct 06 20:11:59 2002] Guard Granin says, 'You're telling me. Before you know it, this whole place is going to be like the Wakening Lands, the filthy rotters.'
This was obviously about global warming and not Sleeper's Tomb. Duh.

And bob still has bitch tits..

Crypte X`Y
Assassin of A Twist of Fate

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Default Better then how the quest went on my server

On our server the dragon spawned. 2 different groups talked to it. Then by the time we got over there (had to make a Sont run before we could head over) the 2 giants had already popped. A totally unrelated group attacked the giants. A zonewide message went off that we failed to approach with stealth & there would be unfanthomed results. /sigh

One day hopefully Verant will realize that if they spawn named NPCs in an area people who have no idea what's going on will always attack them. At least stick them in some out of the way area like Dragon Necropolis, Sirens Grotto or heck inside Sleepers. Sticking them out in EW & expecting them not to be attacked by ,as some plot line, is just stupidity.
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Cuthul Paindancer
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Looks like the next step to what happend to me a few days ago.

It appeared very vague, but seemingly this was how it was to go.
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