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Old 10-06-2002, 09:15 AM   #1
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Default Fare The Well! (Be warned, this is slightly lenghty)

Yes, another member of EMarr leaves. I've been playing EverQuest on and off now for 3 years and alas; my time here has come to an end.

A few weeks past, I forgot my password to my account and reported this to VI to have it emailed back to me. I sent all the required details except for one item, my credit card number (I honestly donít remember what it was 3 years ago, I've had several new credit cards since then and the CC company has been unhelpful with sending me my CC number from 3 years past). I've told VI about my account and I feel I've proved my identity well enough, though I suppose I cant really blame them, I'm only one customer and they donít really want to risk a possible security breach.

So sadly, I must go. To all my friends, you will be missed, thank you for the great 3 years we've had!

Shaltin/Roele - We began as young 'uns in Erudin together and for all those long hours of fun (and wisp camping, eww) you shall be remembered.

The Cimmerii - Unfortunately, we never did outlast the Knights of the Holy Storm. You guys were a real family, the only guild where I actually felt at home, you shall be greatly missed! Lets all keep in touch through the mailing list and maybe we can give a shot at EQ2 eh? Hey Charmian! You're still on the mailing list I hope! Surprise us all with a message! Meanwhile, I suppose most of us will live on through the BoI.

Hingis/Eirlen/Akna/Moonbiter - Man! We had great times!! Keep in touch, you have my email! I donít need to say much here since you know it all! Haha!

Wiladen/Antra - The Quiver Elf! Hehe, thanks for those btw! We've had some great RP fun and I wish you all the best with HoF.

Bacchas/Shamaus/Blargg - Where have you gone? Lol. You still hanging about the PVP servers?

Jurii Daemonchylde - You crazy powergamer! I hope you finally did tone it down a bit.

Battledoc and Fliflher - You guys were great! You're like a couple! Lol. I met Battledoc through just chatting on Graffe's and you've been great. Thanks for all the help too.

WarSheol and Empire Sheol, Grammaw and the Children of Darkness - We had a go with the SIN Alliance and wow, it could have been great. Keep up the phenomenal effort!

So goodbye from (this is the only time I will ever list my alts, you know I have to, I played them all as my mains):
Arkken Bloodyskull
Elurantec Hellphyre
Vela DeNadrak
Xybin Rargazurbok
Fiennis SwiftBlayde
Eliiris Abracadabra
Steelefist Skullsmasher
Jennee Jezzeto (For the time I played her while I was waiting on my password)

At the moment, I've giving a hand at DAoC. Its not bad I suppose, its got a few boons over EverQuest while EverQuest also has some things that DAoC doesnít. If you ever feel inclined to drop by, you can find me on the Galahad server in the Hibernian realm, known as Arkkenn (with 2 N's this time, someone took my name!!), Cyriis or Fiennis. I'm still going through my trial period and I still donít if I'll stick with it yet or not. As for the MMORPG scene, I plan to stick around. I'm gonna give a shot at EQ2, ShadowBane, World of Warcraft and Horizons (if it ever comes out).

As for the RP community, I plan to RP as much as I can and I plan to continue to do so in all the games that I venture into. As for my board EverQuest Role-players, I plan to continue with my duties there as well. I'll also continue lurking on these boards and other major boards such as the SafeHouse and Graffe's and keeping up to date with how the game progresses as I'm still very much into EQ, a diehard fan if you like it that way. Its got its flaws but what a great game it is.

So from myself, I'm outta here! You will all be missed. This is an awesome server, I've had a great 3 years and I love you guys! Keep in touch! To those who have my email, email me. For those who donít, you can always send me a private message through the service here that EzBoards provides. Moreover, if you guys do plan to go onto other MMORPG's or any other games for that matter, let me know! I'd be glad to join you. Keep it real folks (pun intended) and maybe we can meet up again. Peace.

Edit: Just forgot one thing, for my friends that don't know, you can find me on AIM most times as SteeleBlayde and I do use MSN-IM. Feel free to drop me a message.

Edit: Fixed the link.
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Old 10-06-2002, 03:39 PM   #2
Hingis Truestrike
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Damn dude, its been 3 years already?? gah! you'll be missed bro, our first try at killing @#%$ way back then in karana's rocked Its gonna be sad having to take all those names off mah friends list

i'll email ya soon to see what game you're on atm, have ya checked out battlefield 1942 (or whatever the name is)?

Peace and all that sh*t!

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Old 10-06-2002, 05:11 PM   #3
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You have been typing your password in for 3 years and forgot it ??????
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Old 10-06-2002, 07:51 PM   #4
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Unfortunately, we never did outlast the Knights of the Holy Storm.
Huh? Was there like a contest to outlast us or something? hehe. Hope to see you around some of the new games! Yes, some of us still have the guts, still have what it takes... and definitely still have an imagination (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who I'm abusing at the time <snicker>)

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Old 10-08-2002, 07:31 AM   #5
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Lol, yeah, karana bandits were the @#%$! And then getting drunk afterwards was cool too!

I habitually change my password now and then, but usually I remember what it was. Strange thing is though, I didnt change any of my other account details, like my address and such. When you lose your password, they have a page where they email it back you if you can tell them what your zip was. And when I entered that in, it said it was incorrect. Thats why I emailed VI and then they made me give out all my information to prove it was me. So I dont know, maybe someone hacked my account? *shrug*

And yes, there was a sort of competition with the Knight of the Holy Storm. Some of us were slightly bitter that your guild was/is so succesful compared to ours. <img src= ALT=":\">
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Old 10-08-2002, 08:23 AM   #6
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Sheer determination, Steele, several times that's all it was that kept us around....

All guilds go through high's and low's, and even more so as an RP guild. The Cimerii were admirable opponents, believe me, hehe. I always wished that our play times coincided a bit more to allow for some REAL fun.
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