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Default Huge thanks to Ater Draconis

Thank you so much for this weekend. When we entered the plane of air on saturday we had hopes of hitting 7th and camping out and coming back to start over on sunday there. Then we logged in and found that You guys had cleared 7th. While this upset us some, we didn't really mind cause its first in first kill. Well, you guys did not have to tell us when it would spawn again. Or leave the plane. But you did. This earned much respect for us and a crown that we badly needed. BUT then you even better yourselves again. You shared the plane with all of us on 7th and another crown dropped ... rolling between the two guilds Shok won the roll but you guys didnt complain or anything you accepted and went on your merry way. ( should we have not won that roll we would have been back the next night with no hard feelings. as you did )

This act showed me that there is still good folks in this game, that they still enjoy EQ as it once was ( 3 years ago) and that good things do come of any situation. So from us to you AD .. /SALUTE.

Thanks for the wonderful fun .

Officer of Anlah'shok
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Old 10-08-2002, 07:50 AM   #2
Braydin Firecaster
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Thanks 'shok for the kind words. When we cleared 7, we never expected you to make it there in one day AND still farm spiroc lords, we figured you would be camping at Peggy isle and therefore would reach 7 after things spawned. It seems the first spawns and you guys getting to 7 seemed in coincide pretty well, even though my estimation was a bit off (we learned somethign about random spawn timers on that island) and the next night had a GREAT time killing stuff with you guys. A big thanks to you too for sharing 7 with us, as we both had intentions on it, I just wish some other guilds had the same attitude that our guilds seem to share..

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Old 10-08-2002, 09:29 AM   #3
Dalamarn Darkgem
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Hiya Ialanye,
You guys were great as well. Was strange but awesome seeing two guilds working together like that for the same goal. Gratz to your crowned mages.
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