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Hingis Truestrike
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Default CRT or Flatpanel

Hola folks,
Quick question. My 21 inch monitor finally gave out and now need to purchase a new one. Are the flatpanels really worth the extra money? I both surf and game and i hear text kinda sucks on flatpanels.

Also if i go with a CRT are Sony's still the shiat or is there another brand thats better. I went shopping around for prices and CRT's truely are cheap as hell these days but I could probably crank out the cash for a 19" flatpanel if they are good enough. Just looking for some input since i've been out of the purchasing loop for a while.
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Default ...

Viewsonic CRT.

Flatpannels cost to much for nothing more, unless you need to save some space / travel with it or something.
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I've used both, at home and at the office, for many different types of applications.

Here's my observations.

A Flatpanel monitor on your desk looks fecking cool.

A Flatpanel monitor refreshes slower then a CRT monitor possibly giving headaches over prolonged use. You may also notice the refresh as a darkening of the pixels.

Flatpanel monitors wont give you the depth of colour that a CRT monitor will. Firey colours, such as orange red and yellow will look whiter, e.g. Cream no longer exists as a colour on Flat Panel Monitors. Icy colours like Blues, purples and greens will look greyer. Black no longer exists.

Flatpanel monitors are vastly more expensive then CRT monitors so you'll end up with a smaller screen more then likely.

A flatpanel monitor on your desk looks fecking cool.

Even if you don't count the fact that I mentioned the looks twice because theyre so damn important you'll notice that CRTs are still way ahead of the game.

Comparison is a Samsung S20 vs Panasonic V850 or cheap CRT vs V. Expensive Flatpanel.
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Old 11-27-2002, 06:03 AM   #4
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I have a Viewsonic VX900 19" flatpanel and love it.

I moved from a 19" Hitachi Superscan Elite 751 crt and would never switch back.

In fact I'm probably gonna replace my 17" Viewsonic CRT with another flatpanel after the holidays. The newest generation of higher end flatpanels are fantastic imo.
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Default experience

I went from a CRT NEC flat screen monitor to a NEC flatpanel monitor. I manage a store that sells these things hehe. One thing I can tell ya for sure...A CRT monitor will always give you a better picture than a flatpanel. I like my flatpane because "It looks feckin cool!" but I do miss my CRT monitor. Colors on that were much more vivid. But with the flatpanel I save alot of space that I actually use now.

Kerryn's descriptions of the differences hit the nail on the head, he has some great feedback for ya.

BTW... I do have a next generation flat panel
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