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Blessing Angel
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Default Can't get the EQskins to work

Anyone know how to set this up? I followed the instructions and whatnot, but still doesn't work.

Any hint/advices/tips etc?
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Hey i thought you quit, whats up blessing?
-Argnoth Barrkeatr
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I couldn't get any of them to work either
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Blessing Angel
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I am bored =)
and my brother takes over the account now since he moved back in =/ *sigh*

So I play every now and then because I am bored.

And hiya Argnoth =)
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Default not an expert however...

I recently update some of the skins I use and ran into the same general problems of it not working when I followed the steps detailed (same steps that have worked before).

So Pushing things around a little (fingers crossed) I played around and here are a few of the notes I have noticed.

1) Some skins I have not been able to get to work (either a specific "one" or a whole layout) and because I can get some to work and some not to there has to be something amis.

2) There has been some discussion about "advanced graphic" skins that would, I assume, be something like a "flashing gem" in your spell book or some such. Because I have not been up with the new developments I'm not sure what this MAY entail (some setting, download I missed, etc). Perhaps if the custom skin uses "advanced graphics" that may be a reason the skin is not working.

3) if the skin calls out a video setting and or viewport make sure your computer is set to it BEFORE loading the skin, after you get it in you may be able to alter it to a new settings

4) the "loadskin" button in the menu area dose not seem to work (no matter what buttons pushed) so I have been using the "/loadskin InsertSkinNameHere" command.

Currently I'm using a new one with my Shadowknight, Rogue and Cleric and it seems to be working fine:

I'm still using one of Mav's old skins with my Ranger (main) that I enjoy and am comfortable with.
His new one / thread:
A Specific Screen Shot from my configuration:

Hope this helped, at least on some problems.
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