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Gilgamel Avamar
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Default /Ponder

I've been looking around the EQ boards lately, and I've happened across what I feel is a strange idea that seems to be the consensus among at least a portion of the current EQ community. That idea is that they will remain in EQ1 even when EQ2 comes out because they don't want to take the time to re-level and all that. I don't understand this. EQ2 is just like any expansion to EQ1. You used to be uber, but with this new thing, if you don't get it, you'll just be left behind as far as character power goes. I love EQ. I've spent a lot of time on it. But if EQ2 is superior, I and I bet 90% of the playerbase will move on. Is your character really that important to you? Everyone will be starting from scratch, so you won't be behind. You can probably get the same name. Instead of a specific class that's like every other person in your class you can customize your character(to a degree). Better graphics. More support(who thinks EQ1 will really be SOE's focus when EQ2 comes out?), more new content, and anything else you can think of. You can move on and play with your friends. I just don't see a reason to stay if EQ2 isn't just terrible, which it won't be. Why do you think EQ has stayed on top? The people at SOE make the best MMORPG. They have 4 years of experience, they know what they're doing, and if you think EQ2 won't do to EQ what EQ did to UO I think you're sorely mistaken. /shrug, just my opinion. I mean really, what's your favorite thing about EQ? Lets list them and see if EQ2 will have it:

Hanging out with friends - check
Quests - check
fun encounters - check
Character advancement - check
Anything else EQ1 has plus more - check

So is it worth it? Leveling a new character up, making new friends, exploring the new areas and rediscovering old ones may sound like a lot of work to you, but it sounds like the whole reason to play a game to me. I mean what's the difference? Instead of going from 66-70 you go from 1-whatever and instead of old graphics you have new ones. Just my thoughts. I'm not trying to start a flame, or anything like that, I just wonder why anyone would hope to stay. I mean if EQ2 is really as good as it sounds(which is probably will be, like I said, SOE knows their shit. People bitch at them, but who does it better? I'll take content over customer service any day) why wouldn't your whole guild move? If you're uber here, you'll be uber there. If you're a group of friends who have fun here, you'll be a group of friends who have fun there. If you're getting left behind because of your playtime now.... well you'll get left behind because of your playtime there. There's no difference. It's just the game we love, redefined, with lots of new toys, and everyone resetting at the beginning. Why wouldn't anyone who plays EQ1 want to be a part of that?


PS: Please don't start a whinefest about how bad VI is. I've had a few problems, and for the most part the CS has been fine. They're constantly adding new content. Does anyone want to argue that EQ isn't the best game they've ever played? I mean you did put probably 100+ 24 hour days of your life into it, you must be enjoying it. It's ok to vent if you're pissed or whatever, but do you really think anyone else will do any better? EQ is the best MMORPG, and EQ2 is EQ with more stuff. I'm sure most of the people who say they won't play another game by verant will be there on release day, paying their 50 bucks, patching the patches, crashing constantly the first few weeks, and having a fugging ball.
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Default Moving to EQ2


Interesting topic.
I don't see myself switching. My older machine can barely handle PoP/Luclin content with everything minimized as much as possible. My newer machine (obsolete already) can handle PoP, but I doubt it could tackle what EQII will require. I'm already tempted to buy another machine just so I can run 3 at home, mainly for EQ. How sick is that?

Considering the amount of time invested in my main character, I don't forsee switching. I like EQ1. I'm sure I'd love EQ2. But the time investment for getting into a new MMORPG is too high for me personally. I've sunk more time than I'd wished into EQ instead of other pursuits. When EQ2 comes out and EQ1 comes to an end (or I become too busy to play, whichever comes first), I probably won't join another one for awhile.

I don't play EQ for the graphics. They are a nice side benefit, but aren't important to my enjoyment of the game. I play with new graphics off anyway to get rid of the negative effects of horse ownership (no /duck, starts/stops, horsehead). Leaving my friends for a new game would be hard unless they all moved with my spouse and I. I'm still not familiar with all that EQ has to offer. There are still MANY zones I haven't explored. So this game still has room for me to grow.

I'm proud of how far I've come with this game, and I'm still learning almost every day. I don't want to start from ground zero again. Yes, it was fun, but I don't care to repeat the journey just now. I enjoy playing a mature character. I don't want to spend days/week killing orc pawns/rats/etc again until I can kill something fun. I don't want to re-start working tradeskills for EQ2 after all the energy I've poured into them here.

Take care,
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I have to agree with the points that Frekkels has brought forward and add the biggest reason that I won't go to EQ2 - Item Decay... I have absolutly no wish to play a game that uses this ludicrous idea of forcing players to either continually waste money repairing and replacing broken equipment, if I wanted this I would play either Diablo 2 or DAoC.
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I imagine most people still playing EQ only because they are waiting for either the next big thing (WoW or SWG), or because they "don't want to start over". I'm sure some people still love the game, some enjoy the friendships they've made and some are just playing out of habit.

Right now there isn't anything really out for people to leave EQ for. Next year there will be some 5+ MMORPG coming out and I'm sure that EQ will seriously dwindle down. Do you see anymore expansions coming out? They can create new mobs and zones but the game is still the same.

I'm just glad I quit when I did. By the time SWG comes out (provided that is on time in Feb) I will have had 15 months off from online gaming. I just hope that the next game won't have all the bullshit politics and people fighting over in game crap like in EQ

I always thought how it was pretty cool how most of Da`Kor quit EQ and started DAOC, I wonder if any other guilds will do the same of either SB or SWG.
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Yo Jubei -- hope all is well on your end.

Didn't AC2 release yesterday? Is it any good? I've been out of online gaming for about a year, but I certainly wouldn't mind finding something that was less consuming than EQ.

Is EQ2 going to have the same timesinks and playing requirements?
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Pain so close to Pleasure
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I will probably Try EQ2. I am however not looking forward to it.
Mostly because of the class system. it sucked ass in Dungeon Siege. And that it appears very similar to DAoC. which i hated.

Star Wars Galaxies and Worlds of Warcraft are however looking very good.

So is the expansion for Anarchy Online.
I still play AO from time to time. It's really fun, but only for short times, and its a chore after level 70. the expansion should be adding the content that makes it fun.
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Adom Wraithbane
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Default I am not quitting EQ

The way I see it.

I have been playing EQ for a long time now. I wouldn't quit the game until I get completely bored with it. Having so many characters now, I do not see that happening any time soon. I have worked/played hard to get my characters to where they are now. To just stop without seeing how well they do at the high end of the game would be a waste. I have spent alot of time and don't forget money to play this game I want to be sure that I get my moneys worth out of it. Granted 12.95 is not much, but you take that times the number of months you or anyone else has been playing the game it adds up to be quite substancial. So far, I have paying over 300 dollars in monthly fees for this game. Patches costing from 49.95 for Kunark when it first came out, 34.95 for Velious, 29.95 for SoL and now another 30 bucks for PoP. With the new adventures SOE is trying to get started with EQ2, I do not think they will stop altering E1. I figure they will at some point alter E1 to be just like E2. What I would love to see perhaps is being allowed after a few months after E2 comes out to be able to transfer your existing characters over to E2. That would be when I would start playing it.
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