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Default Router troubles

Hope someone could help me here... Just recently got a Linksys router.. I replaced my hub which was connection and disconnecting me ingame (But I still stayed connected to EQ /boggle). But now with this router I can't stay connected more then 10 minutes before it quits on me... Anythin I can do? Works fine when I direct connect to Modem but, router is bein a bitch.

Any Idea would be greatly Apperciated

OH BTW runnin Windows Xp pro if that helps any
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Default hub

Try to connect your router to your hub/switch see if that helps at all. Sometimes router don't have enough "power", and require very good network cable to stay connected. With a hub/switch it will bost the power and you will have no problem.

I used to have the same problem with a SMC router, soon as I connected the router to a hub, my problem is gone.

what I mean by connect the router to hub is the following:

Connect your WAN to your router, and connect your router to the uplink of your hub, and you computer to your hub.

Hope this helps.

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Linksys eh?

1. Click on START and then click on RUN and type iexplore in the address box, and press on OK. This is the default IP address so if you have changed it use the new one.
2. You will be prompted for a username and password. By default there is no username, and the password is admin.
3. Once you've gotten past the log in you should be at the filters tab.
4. Go to the Forwarding tab, and then click on the Port Triggering button.
5. Once you've done this, a new window will appear. Here is an example of how to fill out the ports:
Application name: everquest
Trigger port range: 1023-9000
Incoming port range: 1023-9000
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