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Greell the druid
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Default a lil story thing---

ok so i got bored and i like fantasy stories...i'm no writer by far (other than lyrics and poems)---but i wrote this lil story about my character and EQ and all that stuff <img src= ALT=""> ...feel free to critisize, im open to suggestions---i just did it for fun--didn't put the rest of the chapter in here but eh..where it ended is fine for the time beeing.


Through the trees and emaciating trees and the dark foliage of the Greater Faydark, a mighty forest on the world of Norrath. The cit of the elves lay tranquil and serene. Kelethin, high in the treetops it had been built long ago by the wood elves. Here it rests safely from the evils of the world, guarded by well-trained elves men. Not far out, across the forest a great entrance constructed into the side of a mountain here the high elves lived. Very wise elves that are pure in blood, for they have too much pride to mix blood with the human, as wood elves have done. A short journey through the lesser faydark the forest and into the Steamfont Mountains, live the very curious gnomes. Small in size yet very intellectual beings. They construct machines and tinker trinkets with their free time in their underground home. Through Greater Faydartk, crossing into the Butcherblock Mountains the small, strong, and prideful Dwarves live in their mountain city of Kaladim. Spending many days’ smithing armors and mining, hoping to come across riches. It was on this continent it had all began. Here, was home of a mighty wood elf who traveled this world by the name of Greell.

Greell, a Woodelf of the highest season, was a rather suspicious appearing elf. Skinny yet muscular, as all elves were from their active lives, with gleaming yellowish eyes. These eyes had all the world within them, for Greell had seen many things in his times becoming the Hierophant he had become. As evil and penetrating, as those eyes seemed, they gave a gaze of pain, love, and warmth too. Dark bushy and sharp eyebrows rest above his eyes, above that, his straight shining black hair. Greell was definitely an interesting druid. Few knew him deeply but he would not fret to share some of his life to others had he thought them truly listening. Not many would challenge the powers of a hierophant druid, which all know are one with nature, they have the forces on their side, and have the skills to deal out as much harm as well as mend it.

Life in the ity of Kelethin was in itself amazing and a bit difficult at times. As agile as the elves are, their movements are not too swift after a few ales, like anyone else they could slip from the very city and meet a shameful and pathetic end. Of course faydwar was not the only continent to explore, it was merely one of five known continents. Greell had been to all of them, including the moon, Luclin. Every day Greell had prepared for an adventure of sorts in this dangerous world. He would strap on his crystal chitin armor, constructed from the remains of giant powerful spiders from Velketors Labyrinth on the icy continent of Velious. Attaching his crystal chitin shield, a shimmering white disk-like light, to his bracer and grasped hold of his Nature Walkers Scimitar. This scimitar was no regular weapon; it held great power within it. The blade of the scimitar had magical leaves, which floated ******d from it. It was truly a site to see. Greell managed to complete a very long and bothersome task to attain this weapon. It was truly an epic journey and in the end he had been rewarded with this great gift. Armored and armed, he was astonishingly handsome in this armor; he shined brightly and always had the appearance of newly crafted armor. This made Greell always feel full of pride.

An entrancing sound arouse as Greell began to cast a spell. Around his body bright, flickering, smoky bubbles rose from the earth and Greell had vanished. He had teleported. Moments later Greell reappeared on the cold grounds of the Great Divide where the Coldain, another dwarven race, lived in their icy city, Thurgadin. Greell had run himself to the city gates that had been guarded by two Coldain guards. They smiled kindly to Greell, they, like many, knew his name well. Greell smiled, nodded, and entered the city. Inside the mountain city, Greell had come across a very beautiful Darkelf he knew very well. Darkelves were an evil race of elves with blue skin and blazing white hair. Not nearly all Darkelves are as bad as people make them out to be. Certainly not this Darkelf Warrior. She was banking her earnings of the day and hadn’t noticed Greell sneaking up behind her.
“Hello, Sashia.” Greell spoke in a deep but welcoming voice.
“GREELL!” Sashia yelled, drawing the attention of everyone around her. “How are you? I haven’t seen you in a few weeks!” her voice grew with excitement.
Giving each other a serious stare for a moment, as if someone had just fallen dead. Suddenly they burst into laughter together and hugging one another.
“I’ve been well. Just roaming the continents and all. Not much to do unfortunately.” He answered.
“NOTHING to do?!” Sashia’s face was puzzled as she chuckled merrily. “It seems like just yesterday you and I were only at our ninth seasons in the Oasis of Marr hunting caimans and Crocs. Why, I still laugh thinking of how you transformed into a tree and accidentally tipped over onto Baledin!”
They both laughed again.
“Yeah,” Greell blushed. “Luckily for him I could heal the wounds. If I wasn’t a druid who knows how long his legs would have been broken for until we found a cleric.”
Sashia burst out with another loud laugh and remarked, “Well if you weren’t a druid, you never would have turned into a tree and broken his legs in the first place.”
Greell turned a bright red and smiled with Sashia.

They parted ways and Sashia the Darkelf walked off. Standing in awe Greell stared at Sashia as she faded into the crowd. He set off to sell some gems and bank his money. Upon leaving he crossed another Beautiful being. She was a brown haired Woodelf by the name of Greer. She was a very attractive elf, also of the highest season. She too carried the Nature Walkers Scimitar in her hand. Greell had been in his 58th season when Greer was only beginning her third. This made Greell feel a bit old, but still he was far from old.
“Hey Greell!” She smiled with the pearly teeth she always bares.
“Always a pleasure, Greer.”
Greell began to glow with a dim green aura and knelt down, the aura thickened and a rose quickly sprouted from his palm. He raised the rose to Greer hinting for her to take it. She took the rose out of his hand and smiled wider than before as she turned a warming red color.
”Pretty.” She remarked, but not speaking about the flower she held.
“You are.” Greell said beaming at her.
He grasped her hand firmly for a moment and standing silently, looked deeply into her as if looking into her soul.
Then as quickly as they had seen each other, Greell dispersed into thin air.
“Always a tricky one.” Greer spoke into the silent hallway of the city she now stood in.

Again walking the high platforms of Kelethin, where Greell had bound his soul. Too impatient for the elevator platforms to rise to him, Greell waved his hands and ribbons of gold light flew spinning around his body as his feet lifted from the ground. He walked hovering down the side of the platform into the forest. For an hour he journeyed through the Greater Faydark, dense foliage making it hard for Greell to see. It was dark now, it was always dark in this forest, but darker than it usually was because the sun had fallen. Out of a bush a willowisp appeared. A very small being, glowing with light.
“Ahh-“ Greell grinned lightly. “I needed a light source to guide me in the darkness. Such good timing indeed.”
Greell raised his palm and a bolt of light shot down at the creature. Extinguishing its life but not its powerful glove. He pulled the lightstone from the willowisp and placed it in one of the small pouches on his belt. Suddenly his body flooded with light and Greell could see his way clearly.
“Much better.” He spoke silently to the winds. Traveling through the forest Greell was on his way to the city of the High elves, Felwithe, to meet a friend of his. He could sense his friend was nearby so he traveled in the direction of the aroma. Half an hour had gone by, Greell had stopped fro some food on a tree stump and opened his pouch of food. Almost finishing his meal a little woman with wings came fluttering up.
“Greetings elf.” It said in a shrill little voice.
“Hello, pixie.”
“My name is Moralini.” Now flapping her wings quickly and landing next to Greell, smiling.
“I am gre—“
“I know.” Came a hastily remark before Greell could finish.
There was a brief silence.
“How did you---”
“Never mind that for now.” she once again said in haste.
She stood on the adjacent stump staring at him and her smiling gave her away.
“Here you are Moralini.” Greell said, handing her some of his food.
“Thank you Greell, I am grateful.”
“I must be going now, I have--”
“I know, Greell.” She again knew what he was about to say; he looked at her for a moment wondering how she could have known these things.
“Be well Moralini.”
“You as well, Greell the Druid.”
Greell sank into the forest and once again continued his travels.

Through the next few trees and bushes stood in front of a castle entrance. High in the mountain it stood, torches lit the doorway. Out front stood a few low season elves, practicing their newly gained magic on large bats and giant wasps. On the side rising to a hill, sat a half elf. So interesting that he was there, alone. Shiny gray armor covered his body and his swords Gleamed in the fire of the torch pots nearest them. His head covered by an oddly shaped helm, Greell often teased him about it. His body was larger and more muscular and his face was not as sharp as an elves face. His was mostly human in appearance but his pointy ears still gave him away. The fact that this particular half elf was alone was unusual for him.
The warrior came to his feet. “Hail, Greell.”

“Hello, Baidieneriy.” Greell held out his hand to shake his. Baidieneriy moved swiftly to Greell and to his hand.
“I’ve been well, just waiting here.” He explained in his usual Cheerful voice.
“So Baid, why are you here alone?”
Baid coughed in the direction of the bush.
“Greell’s eyes glanced to the bush and noticed a lizard-like tail sticking from it.”
“Didn’t think you’d be alone here…”
Baid smirked quietly.
“He’s hiding out of site from the guards again, they hate Iksar, and almost everyone does.” He whispered.
Without second thought Greell whispered back, “If all Iksar were like Sethius, I could easily see why.”
A hissing caught Greell and Baid’s attention.
“Sssss, I heard that Greell.” Sethius spoke from the bush he was ducking into.
Baid chuckled lightly.
Sethius was an Iksar, a lizard man. He was very tall, strong and scales covered his body.
Sometimes he was obnoxious but it was his nature to be. Greell would not speak to the lizard if he felt Sethius was the least bit threatening.

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