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Razer Zedge
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Default Seeya all, have fun

Well, it looks like that time again. I've once again become bored of EQ and will be taking a break. It kinda sucks since I just bought PoP, but what can you do? can't force myself to play a game I'm bored with :P

I was having fun playing, and raiding with A Twist of Fate when I was with them, but then the incident with Tormentcia happened, and I decided to run guildless for a while and see what options I had (and to get higher than lvl 61)

Running around in Planes of Power doing nothing but exp got really tiring, so last week when I left home to house-sit for my mom, I stopped playing. I have had 0 urges to play since then, and the other day I cancelled my account, deleted my eq files, and am now looking around for other things to do :P

Good luck everyone, and thanks to all those who've helped me out in the past. I could say goodbye to specific people here, but I might forget someone. The people I would want to say goodbye to know who they are anyways. Those people who helped me out when I needed it, and grouped with me in UP on a semi-regular basis, and let me vent to them about lame stuff that they didn't care about :P Seeya Ater Draconis, I had a lot of fun with you guys. Seeya A Twist of Fate... Tormentcia sucks, do something about her already :P without her the guild will rock, haha.
Razer Zedge 65 Assassin
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gl in rl razer

never told u this.. but i always had a lot of respect for u ig and here at the boards, your a true role model.. come back soon
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Take care Razer, only got to know you recently (and unfortunatly not that well), but what I did learn of you was all-good.

Be safe in whatever life brings to you.
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Gulyenn Meerkat
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Awwww damn shame
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