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Default Does EQ and Asheron's Call Dominate?

I was reading an article on MSNBC:

With The Sims Online, every one of the hundreds of sims that you encounter is played by a real person, not your PC. (In industry parlance, that’s called a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.) And that has the potential to appeal not only to fans of the offline version of The Sims, but also to people who have no interest in the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired online games like EverQuest and Asheron’s Call, which currently dominate the category.
What I am curious about is this... is Asherons Call in the same league in terms of subscribers or is MSNBC trying to slant the article to drum up sales for it's parent company product? At least that is how it appeared to me, but I don't know how popular AC is.
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AC is very popular, when i worked at EB we sold ou of Dark majesty like it was an EQ addon :eek:

But in subscriber wise its no where near EQ. But the players on AC do hate us....
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i played it...i didnt like it. Most people who played EQ first felt the same way. Most of the people who play AC are people who played it as their first MMRPG since it was the second second generation MMRPG (UO/meridian being first gen) and so they generally stuck with it like most people stick with EQ, which is prolly why it is second most where near EQ though.
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