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Default HELP!Need some Input

Friend accidently deleted his character I dont know the the Fvck he did it. But anyways has this ever happened to anyone? You suggest he stay Online all Day? even thou Tech support isnt avaialble for another 11 Hours. Has this ever happened to anyone? how it end up?
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Suicidal Slayne
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Heh - Had a friend do that by accident. She called up customer/tech support and they were able to fix it.

Dont recall her having any problems other then finding her original email for verification or some junk.

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Best bet is to have them use the contact a GM link and have them put in as much detail as you can. I had a friend who was in a drunken stupor one night and decided it would be fun to remake his characters and get them back to 60 that day.... Email took them a few days, but it got done. The biggest thing though is to not make characters of the same name on that account as my friend almost lost his saves that way.
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Old 10-11-2002, 12:35 AM   #4
Samina The Wizard
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Default Petition :)

Petition in game and tell them what ya did. Seriously.

Yes yes I know everyone keeps saying that they don't do anything but... they do.
Ok, a little birdie told me this:
Put as much info in as you can, and petition with the same account that it was deleted from. Put in the name of the deleted char, the level, the date when you deleted it.
Apparently they can bump that to a GM even if you're not online, but you have to have all the info in the petition. Still safer to be online tho.

Once you've done it, you can check on it if you use /viewpetition (nifty to find out if your petition is still there heh heh) if it's gone, make another. And another, and another till you get action.
(I deleted my monk by accident once, got her restored after much pestering.)

BTW - a friend of mine had her 5 year old "play keyboard" once and deleted / dropped all her gear (or a lot of it) on her char while she was afk (Including her epic!!).
Did ya know about /safelock password ?
Figured it was worth mentioning, since that stops your cat getting you to aggro half of Velks while you're afk and the cat is walking around on the keyboard :P

Hope that helps.
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Old 10-11-2002, 01:51 AM   #5
Stacy the Druid
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Default HELP!Need some Input

Listen, its not the end of your character by far. Depending on how long ago it has been since it was deleted. Every time you see that message at the bottom of your screen that said "you have saved", that is actually a function of the program ran off the server that saves your data to the server. Any time whatsoever, the GM not the guides can recall your character for you. Just send a petition stating the reason it happened, how long ago it happened and stuff like this.

The reason I know this is My husband and I "were" sharing the same account. About a year ago, we were mad at each other. He got mad at me and deleted my druid Stacy and another one of my characters. I, to get back at him, deleted his warrior Adom. Stacy was level 51 at the time. He was 54 I think. I petitioned and the GM came back to me a couple hours later and said to log off and on again and your characters will be restored. I did and they were. After a few weeks, we got mad at each other again and did the same things. The GM did restore our characters, but they also have the ability to remove or add armor/weapons to your character at any time. They told us that since you had recently done this that they would restore your characters but without any armor/items/weapons even anything located in your bank. I didnt mind it too much as long as my time I have spent playing the character is not wasted. Items can be replaced. 2 years of gaming cant.

Some people might remember me saying something like this in game once when I would go out looking for armor/weapons and such. I do not play Stacy that much any more because she is so ill equiped I cant do anything with her. Needless to say Adom and Stacy are still together but each have separate accounts and each does not know the others password.

Hope this helps you out, just ask the GM. Use your wording carefully. "Nice goes a long way, rudeness gets left on the curb"

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