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Default Teachers Lost For Words

I found this article in the Toronto Star this morning, and couldn't help but laugh my ass off at it. Enjoy:

Teachers Lost For Words
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I am not so sure that teachers are simply at a loss of words, rather, we are attempting to understand and adapt to a changing society.

I teach middle school students in a Tech Lab, where I see all of the signs the Toronto news article presents. My difference is that I have been involved in the Internet and in chats since the mid 1980's, so such concepts are not new to me. But the traditional teacher who is only now coming to grips with using a computer in the classroom is certainly bewildered by the myriad of chat abbreviations used today.

Although it is cute to laugh at some teachers who have not yet learned to deal with chat speak, it is a problem that requires a response. If a student growing up today is unable to handle a traditional research theme - an introduction, body of the paper, and conclusion - then they are going to have serious roadblocks in their future. Face it, the traditional world and work place will not tolerate chat speak. Can you imagine a junior partner in a law firm placing at the end of his note to the senior partner, "TTYL?" Once that junior partner gets to the point he is the senior partner and the old senior partner is long laid to rest in his coffin, perhaps chat speak will be used, but I doubt even then it will. By that time, that former junior partner would have caught on that he must adapt to the environment and will have long ago set aside chat speak as a form of communication, at least in business.

Every generation has their way of talking that is mostly discarded over time. Got that daddy-o? Groovy man. Fer sure, like uh, bitchin. Whoa dude. You be da man.

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I think that their main concern is that this seems to be an unconscious thing, since the keyboard/computer is being used for both formal and informal processes. Sure, every generation has their colloquialisms (thank god we lost valley speak a long time ago!) but up until now there has been a difference between oral and written. Most people that would say daddy-o didn't write it when doing a formal assignment, because it was more an oral thing.
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