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Default Acouple Things...

Well first off great move to here, Now i visit the board more then ever because no dam popups

Well I was thinking, why not keep signature Images off and just allo avatars? without signatures the posts look alot cleaner and are easier to read through. With VB you can set the max kb size and even the max dimensions.

I know alot of people get custom sigs from Saq and Angel but thier are plenty of other boards they can use them on.

Another option is maybe to enable the PM's? Would help alot in contacting people and wouldnt flood the boards with directed posts.

For the Ads try contacting my School (Full Sail). Casters Realm uses them and so does many other game releated sites, maybe they could fill the banner up, hehe.... They have the money (remembered how much hes paying to attend)... ><

EDIT: Oh and one more thing maybe you can enbed an MIRC chat into the site, since there is a chat link on the main page
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Hey Banton,

could you give me the contact info for your school? if you please
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