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Default Satelite Internet? Any information?

Well, in my area, neither cable modem nor DSL is available. We're using AOL. Anyway, I'm starting to look into satelite internet, as we have a satelite dish. Do any of you have any experience with one? Does it work? Any imput would be greatly appreciated.
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sattelite = teh suxx0r. It's ok for downloading, but there's a delay between uploading and downloading which makes it bad for games. It'll basically cause constant lag and an incredibly high percent of packet loss. Basically what will happen is when your computer sends information to the server, you'll lose information that the server was sending to you, and vice versa. Bottom line is it sucks for gaming and you'd prolly be better off with 56k
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I wonder if it gets disrupted by sun spots.
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Adom Wraithbane
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Default Mutiple effects

I work in the satellite operations business. I can tell you with complete certainty that a small dish like a DSS or HUGHES dish Dish network or whichever service you are using, they will most likely suck. There are a few television companies that have towers located in around the city that if you are in a line-of-sight of one of the towers you might be able to get their service. With DSS and the like, interferance plays a key factor in your send/recieve fuctions. Solar Flairs, ground attenuation, terestrial anonalies, weather (a big factor). As will DSS I beleave that you only receive information from the satellite, but your actual transmission comes over the phone lines. I do not have a satellite dish connection, so I do not know the exact specifics. I work for Echo Star/TelStar/Loral which we provide video and internet services to companies.
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Default re.

Propagation delay is the debil!

and to answer a posters question..

yes, solar flares (or sun spots) will affect satellites' transmissions a great deal.
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I had one but it wasnt that good for game. The downlaods were not bad but the uploads was over a phone line 26.6 was the best i could get so i couldnt get in too playing any games online because of that it was just to laggy. It was good for getting my music collection up.

just my 2cp
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