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Cool See you in SWG...

Well, my dears. My account finally ran out today, a mere 5 months and 8 days after I cancelled the account.

It has been a very interesting ride, 3 plus years of EQ has left a mark on me that will stay with me forever. My life in Everquest started on the day EQ went live. Some of my friends that I only saw every other week started playing and tried and tried to get me to play. I was able to resist their attempts until my 2 best friends at work started playing and talking about it every day at lunch. I finally broke down and started Mayaserena July 12, 1999. It's hard to remember what it was like on Erollisi Marr way back then. Greater Faydark was insanely crowded with youngins and the work twink wasn't even around yet. Since then I've been a part of 4 great guilds and met hundreds of really wonderful people. On the downside I've watched the game I love go completely to hell with greed, elitism, and childishness.

I really don't know where on earth to start. There are way too many people to aknowledge to ever actually remember all the names and why they are special to me. I guess the general thanks will make do as a start...

Templa Vesti - Thank you all for believing in me enough to bind your fate to mine for the time while TV existed.

Sisters Without Mercy - This guild showed me how awesome a community in EQ could be. I am honored to have been an officer for Willowbay and the other girls. Time has robbed me of so many of the names that made me smile but there will always be a special place in my heart for all of you people. Desirae, Gilena, Willowbay, Scopulus, Sharasali, Falilya, Shinradd, Adirondac, Milanya, Camille and the rest (so sorry anyone that I've forgotten, getting old is such a bitch) were wonderful sisters to me and I thank you for your help and care.

United Norrath Coalition - The best guild I was a member of, and another guild I am damned proud to have been an officer of. This guild was able to do the things that a low 50's guild can do, and to do it while having a lot of fun, and making each other laugh and almost never crossing the line into childish stupidity. This wonderful group of people also brought the fun back to me after SWM imploded and almost took me with it. I can never thank you all enough for making me want to keep trying. Anavrin, Valksis, Jalanea, Cilia, Iliana, Taluil, Luladanielle, Noffin, Bridgecrusher, Faedor, Xiqz, Ryzan, Quimbius, Nickolus, Sslithiss, Etha/Nina, Tutonka, Yath, Gargore, Kelven and all the others. All my love, and fond remembrances doesn't even begin to express my fondness for you folks. God bless you all.

A Twist of Fate - A wonderful group of people that got polluted by the drugs of überism and a childish addiction to sex. To the people that dropped everything to help me camp Ragefire on the New Year holiday and finish my epic, I will always hold you near and dear to my heart. That act, on the behalf of someone who had joined the guild the night before I left for 2 weeks for Christmas vacation and who hardly knew anyone was amazingly touching to me, and my proudest moment in EQ. To those that joined after that and brought greed, elitism, and childishness to ToF, thank you for the saddest moment in EQ.

To the Erollisi Marr community - Thank you for 3 mostly wonderful years, and for being the best server out there. I've played just about every MMORPG out there now, and there isn't one that can compare to EMarr. You can find me in the far future of Earth & Beyond playing as Mayaserena (big surprise), Jenquai Explorer. Look for me in the SWG Beta, I'll be there.

Mayaserena Ce'Nedra, 57th Templar of Tunare.
Guildleader of Templa Vesti,
Officer of Sisters Without Mercy,
Officer of United Norrath Coalition,
Proud Member of A Twist of Fate,
Graduate of EQAnon School of Quitting Cold Turkey.
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Best of luck to you Maya, hope you have a good one in RL.
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Gulyenn Meerkat
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I'll miss you mom =/
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Default later

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Take care Maya. GL in RL.

Finally retired
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Be well, Maya, and take care.
Caffino Jitterblade
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Oh my Maya, saddened to see you go. Best of luck in SWG... if you see a young bard like critter in SWG namd Festivus, it might just be me.
Festivus Metalpole
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