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Lollar Ronyn
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Default New Guild : Aegis of the Circle

Aegis of the Circle is meant to be a guild for those who wish to be a part of a family. While we do have aspirations of greatness down the road we do wish to exercise some patience with our building process. What this means is that you shouldnt expect us to be 50 members strong in just a few weeks time. AotC will be a XP based guild. While raiding is fun and can provide some excellent rewards it will not be our mainstay. We will first work on getting players grouped up and playing together. Our priority is to stick together. We are accepting applications for all classes at this time and encourage everyone to check us out. After you fill out an application I will try to meet personally with you in game so we can set up a time to discuss a possible future with this exciting opportunity. Currently the level requirement for entry is level 40. For anyone who was familiar with the guild The Ardent, this is essentially the same guild.

On a side note, this guild is on CoV faction

What we want / Who we want

Level 40+ players of all classes
Players who seek a family type atmosphere
Mature gamers
Must love DRUIDS!

Who we dont want

Whiners need not apply
Guild hoppers - we are not a stepping stone
ME ME attitude.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting adventure go to to apply
Lollar Ronyn
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