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Red face Those goddern liberals....

Ok, now, I know this is the wrong forum to post this in, but I doubt this person is still checking their message under the "America Under Attack" forum... Now. The post I'm referring to is Must Read by Sarrin Kanth. Just to clarify:

Ok, im no Clinton fan, but the fact that he avoided going to war at any cost to his reputation gives him some of my respect. Honestly, I would not like to be responsible for the deaths of millions of my fellow man, who's lives have just begun. I, in fact, at some times, would love to be in a war, but this is my view, I do not wish it or try to force it on others.

You said: "Our enemis have not been distracted or softened by the allure of modern liberalism, feel-good feminism, or radical environmentalism." When did it ever become apparent to you that the purpose of these things was to distract our enemy? These are meant to be changes to our way of thinking in America, not tools to defeat our enemies. And when did you gain such a complete knowledge of our enemy? Are you a psychic, a diviner of other peoples' thoughts and emotions? If so, you are truly tallented, and have my deepest apologies for doubting anything you said in your post. However, I do not think you are, so I will carry on.

Now, here is where your post shows you have lost any sense of self respect, you start to talk about religion. You are obviously a Christian. Good for you. But I am not. Many people are not. It is none of your buisness what they believe, especially living in America, a very country in who's roots was imbued the right to worship freely, any god or deity you choose, if you choose to do so at all. Why can't you understand, it is every man's right to believe in what he deems right. Who are you to question that? I do understand you have the freedom to say what you like, and I dont intend to deny you that, but for your own sake, think before you speak.

Time for the sarcasm to role in.

"Liberal Democrats- many of whom historically criticized, attacked, and sought to defund the CIA- at first showed little interest in an investigation of the roots of this massive intelligence failure. "

"The Times story revealed that"

HAHAHAHAHHA, you fucking moron, you want the CIA to be funded in order to gather intelligence, yet endorse something written by the press? An institution established to make money off of fiction? Wow, you surely are the jackass of the week in my books.

Eh, i think ive said my piece, i read the rest of your article, but its just the same old bullshit in my books, so i won't even comment.
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Looks like this is ripe for a move back into the America Under Attack forum.

Finally retired
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