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Default Au' Revoir

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
-A Tale of Two Cities

---That line pretty much sums up my Norrath experience. I had a good long 17 months, permeated occasionally with assholes. But, now it is time to quit. Lack of decent people have forced me to leave the game I that I cherished for so long. It's really amazing the variety of people in different lifestyles that come together to play a damn computer game.
But, its even more amazing that so large a percentage of decent people can turn into assholes when they can hide behind a keyboard and mouse. I've met hundreds, even thousands of people in the last year and a half playing EQ, and yet so very few actually seem to understand that they are dealing with REAL people on-line. Most just see pixels, and treat other characters like they'd treat a random NPC in any old RPG. It's those true people that kept me playing for so long, even after the frustration had set in.
I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank those that I knew for playing EQ, and treating me the same way as if I'd been friends with them in RL. They know that even though Norrath is an escape from reality, it isnt an excuse to put aside how a real person should be treated.

Thanks to all of you for being true people: Ariochx, Adamis, Aeravin, Aindiass, Atroxis, Asara, Alderac, Avry, Baidieneriy, Banadas, Caanus, Cardal, Cstarmine, Deras, Dillwin, Emiander, Goodfellow, Greell, Guntak, Inara, Jalgurin, Krikem, Loffgood, Lamoorn, Luminaire, Malcreao, Morgouna, Murron, Pullzem, Rayl, Razer, Rhaknam, Samiel, Sashia, Shess, Skei, Takata, Thordanis, Wuppinbread, Yenil, Zathros.

Although not all those listed are the friendliest people in-game, they treated everyone as a PERSON, and not a character. They didnt hide behind the EULA, or their character, or anything like that. They treated characters in EQ as real people, and for that I respect them. And with that said... I bid you all a not-so-fond farewell, with some last sentiments...

Thank you Neverdull, and Megaeros... you brought me into Norrath, and taught me the basics. Although I soon surpassed you in level, I could never equal you in the patience you showed me.

Thank you Jimolson... for showing me what trust and dedication should be. I'll never be able to re-pay you.

And finally, and most importantly, Thank you Syldra. You were never the easiest to get along with, you were never the most patient, and you were definitely never the most peaceful. But you were definitely the most fun, the greatest friend to have, and the easiest to mess with . If it wasnt for you, I'd have signed off 6 months ago at level 51. If I ever come back to this hell-hole, you'll be the first one I look for.

"and like That....... he's gone."
-The Usual Suspects

56 Dark Elf Knight
53 Human Dr00d

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Take care mate, grouped with ya a couple of times and you were always a good egg... be safe and good luck in future adventures.
Master Artisan Krrak (Kiillz) D'Bonz
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good luck!
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I never met you in game, but good luck to you in your future travels.
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Take care
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Banadas Soulfinde
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Take care my friend,

You will be missed Kaid, dont know if i have ever met a more selfless person in EQ and i will miss you.

Banadas Soulfinder
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Best of luck to you in the real world, this place rules
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Sashia Soulslayer
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Bye Kaid! I will miss you, my dark brother. Don't woory - we'll keep an eye on Syldra for you! /evil grin

/smack Malcreao
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