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Medion Palemoon
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Default (avoid like the plague)

What does this site offer?
-Server Hosting for your website
-email accounts
-ftp access
-scripts to build your website fast

What does it require?
-you register a domain name
-you pay for the service

-you can get your site up fast, and they even have forums

-they are total crap!

Customizability is weak, the forums are the same as the old wwwboard scripts, jsut with saved usernames and the ability to upload an avatar.

So I decided to switch to another MB script. I specifically asked if they supported MySQL for database and PHP. They said yes to both.

I try to install a forum, do all the chekcs (php, php3, php4, phtml), and find out (drumroll please)...


Needless to say, my website is below your typcal angelfire homepage, and I'm paying for it! It's bad enough they charge a little more for the space they give you, but no database/PHP support and lying customer support?!

I' likely going to move to another host. If anyone knows any good serers hosts that do allow for PHP/database support, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Default Hosting

I use a business account from ... they're not the cheapest in the world but they're fast, reliable, give you everything you want, and have pretty good support from what I've seen so far.
If you're serious about quality hosting, you might want to try them.

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