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Datul Midgetchomper
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Default Calling out for Java applet/tomcat4 help

Hello all -

I'm having problems with getting an FTP client to connect with my server when running in a java applet. I'm working on a way to upload pictures en masse to my server with an applet from the site, and I know the FTP server is set up properly (can use other clients).

But when I try to connect via my website applet I continue to get the error: picture1.jpg: permission denied.

I'm workin with some legacy code and have tried putting in println's to see how far the process is getting, but it doesn't ever spit them out into my tomcat window. I'm at a loss - I know the username/pw has ftp access, but I continue to receive permissions errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



aka Datul Midgetchomper

PS: I can provide access to the site if you think you can help or need to see the error.

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Old 10-19-2002, 03:40 AM   #2
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An applet is a java program that is embeded into a web page and runs in a web browser. Tomcat is a servlet engine for running server side code, similar to cgi.

If you are using an applet in a webpage then you will get no messages from the applet in your tomcat window, only messages from any servlets you are running. Applet messages will be printed to your browsers java console window.

Applets have very tight security. 2 things that you should be aware of are that any applet downloaded from a webserver will not be able to access any local files on your computer, and applets can only connect to the same server they were loaded from.
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