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Default yay! Emergency Patch #1

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The first of many - to be sure.
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Zel Greyweather
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Default .

Read the fine print in the original patch message.

Bard songs no longer have their group/AE effect.

Plate wearers have been set on the Cloth Wearers defense table.

Rangers can now sneak and hide passed any NPC in particular, better than rogues with any AA skill.

Nukes were turned self only.

Healing spells have had their NPC protection scriprt removed, so you can now heal NPCs other than pets.

Monks, Rogues, and Warriors have been put on Bard damage tables, and bards have been put reversely.

Beastlord pets are now 70% larger.

Beastlord pets no longer are affected by shrink, only grow.

Kerrafyrm has been sighted in the bazaar and nexus. /wave buff beggers and EC dwellers.

Large Rat damage tables were improved to death touch.

Upon logging in you will now score an AA point per key press. This is intentional until the next patch.

Ranger archery is now ineffective, as if there is always a wall in front of you.

Paladin Lay of Hands ability has been changed to a progressive skill as the healing spells heal for... That is, 10, 30, 100, 300, 600, 7,500, and then 400, 700, and 1500.

Shadow Knights Unholy Steed is now effectively slower than the Paladin Holy Steed AA ability, and now goes reverse when you press forward.

Starting rations and drinks are now miraculous meals.

Feign Death and Hide have been given "You must wait XXXXXX amount of time before using this ability" messages, and will not reset.

Paladins now have dual wield triple attack.

Warriors now can only wield a sword and shield.

Warrior equippable items have been cut down and limited.

Soulfire has been given unlimited charges.

Archery Mastery now does more damage than it originally did.

Dispell can now be cast outside of groups.

Wizard familiars can now be sent out on attack with proper commands, and have much more HP and AC than before.

Shadow Knight Harm Touch ability now has the opposite effect, and transfers HP as well.

Prismatic weapons from the new Sleepers Tomb have had their effects changed to invigorate.

Enjoy Planes of Power!
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The Lone Ranger
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Default !

Rangers can now sneak and hide
I wish Rangers could hide and sneak like rogues. They did in D&D.
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