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Zolmaz Zo Boto
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Default Fast-N-Easy Recipe of the WEEK.. White Castle Burgers !!

YUM.. damn them burgers are AWESOME, Now it's time
to learn how to make them..

Listen up,

Buy a Pack of Dinner roll's from the bakery !! Kroger, Walmart, Sears , Local nuke storage facility.. Wherever..


1/2 Dill pickle.. Better be a Dill !!!! Dammit... Or ya Fubar your Dinner !!
1/2 Small onion
2 Tablespoons Water

Put into Blender or Processor and Press the HIGHEST Maximum SPEED for Effect
ZOOOOOOM.. for 1 min at least..

Ok.. im better now,, ok.. Add,

2-Tablespoons Bread crumbs.

Put those Into the Blender and ,, Yep, You Guessed it..
MAXIMUM SPEED !! for about 1 min..
Add a Mouse after if your bored.

Ok ok,, im calm.. im calm..

Take 1/2 LB of Hamburger meat.. Yea.. COW MEAT.. MOOOO
And mix the Blender @#%$ with it.. Mix it good and add
nothing else. In a BOWL !! And not that damn Ceramic bowl from the GAME !!

Ok now.. Take that Plastic stuff thats really thin and
covers food, And Rip off a square foot of it..

Now put that plastic peice you ripped off over your Fac,, er.. Cutting board.
And put the ENTIRE mixture on it.

Dig deep into the blender.. WARNING: After you unplug it. The Blender..

It should resemble a Grated yellow Cow at this point.
Thats bleeding. No Problemo.

Ok now,, Take Another peice of Plastic wrap (Reynolds) and
place it over the top and PRESS IT ALL DOWN to 1/4 of
an inch.. (I am sure many here know that measurement)

Anyway.. Now freeze it in the Freezer that comes with your
refrigerator (Keeps beer cold) FOR 20 min.
Then after Its cold, Cut the cow stuff into Squares.. Like um.. No comment.

Ok Now. here's the trick..
COOK IT.. in little squares for 2-3 min on a HOT skilet.
I know.. Hot is good but. I mean a PREHEATED SKILLET !
damn you.

Put the little Squares between the little Square buns
you got at Um.. Walmart. Kroger, Bakersville, where ever
and NUKE the Squares with the cooked meat for 10-10.5599 secs.

WALA>. !! White CAstle Burgers..

Cooking time - 1 min..
Preparation time - 4 min..
Nuke time - 10 - 10.5599 Secs
Tottal EXP cooking time, 5.10.5599 secs.. YUM !!
Freeze the rest of the meat for future BURGERS !!

Zolmaz Zo'Boto.. That DAMN gnome of Emarr.

make these once and Love them forever.
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