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Default geforce 3 lag (need help)

Windows 2k
AMD 1800+
512 DDR Memory
Geforce 3

Now, when I load into eq, I have no video lag, but as time goes by such as in umbral plains, my video lag becomes unplayable and I have to restart eq which fixes it. Anyone know why this is happening and know how to fix this? I have the latest drivers and no luclin models on either. Thanks for any help.
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Old 10-26-2002, 07:19 AM   #2
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Go into your Display properties/settings/advance/Geforce3. If you have the new det drivers (if you dont GET THEM, awsome drivers) a little side window will appear. Go to the Antialaising Section and set to manual/ off, No AA.

Eq has its own AA that is crap running the game with it slows it down ALOT. Turning this off would make it jaggie but you will get a big increase in speed. Also go to Direct 3d Settings and set Anisotropic settings to 0x and image quality to blend (cant really see a difference in EQ).

If you still have problems after the new drivers/AA Changes and D3D changes try Defraging your HD, Could be fragmented to hell.
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THANK YOU! just played for a couple hours and had a smooth framerate. Thanks for the advice again.
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