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Default Hilarious, I thought I'd share...

As many know, VI added a new ability to warriors..the ability to "shield" others from harm. Now supposedly, this is supposed to be initiated for NPC to NPC, Pet to PC or PC to PC...Knowing such, the following screenshot should make this all that much funnier. Enjoy.

So I'm sitting in Dawnshroud at the ME zone recovering HPs from a retarded train in ME. As I'm sitting there, a Gnomish caster (pc) zones in and sits near me. A wolf is trained to zone and as the trainer loses agro from zoning, the wolf turns to attack this Gnome. While I'm watching this wolf attack the Gnome...This pops up on my screen.
<img src=""/>

Silly Treehugger,
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Hahaha!! I think you need better bodyguards Siilver.
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Fori Shadowmoon
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hehe damn gnomes..
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