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Default Lesium. Mystic Spirit Voices.

Totally badass album. Enigma meets Pink Floyd. There's a couple of tracks that don't make the grade but many more that definitely do.

A must have. Purchase this album, support these guys.
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Enigma + Floyd?


Gonna have to check this one out, hehe. I'm never one for always going out and getting new tunes, but this sounds good :-)
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Default Lesium

It's totally worth it, if only for the first track on the album, titled "Lesium"

Enigma style beats, some funk-ish basslines, groovy breakdowns, and a mix and match of clean fat riffs remnant of David wailing in the rain.

My only real complaint is that they claim to have Gregorian style chants, while their chants are largely melodic. Real Gregorian chants are non-responsive to chord changes in most cases and use a suspension method that requires great mastery to write to. Even Enigma makes mistakes in this regard, but Lesium pushes false Gregorian style pretty hard.

Regardless, it's some serious ear-candy.
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Default Re: LESIEM

Other albums include ...

Agnus Dei

Discovered this group last year when looking for Tangerine Dream music ... IMHO, a far cry better than Enigma. The track, "Open Your Eyes" is <em>my</em> absolute favorite Check them out here ... the site has some sample tracks as well.
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