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Default Rules of the ErollisiMarr.Com forum

When you post on the ErollisiMarr.Com forums you automatically agree with these rules.

You are a guest, act like one.

1) If you start a flame thread in any other forum than Rants and Flames, the administrator or moderators will move it to the "right" forum or just delete it (up to us). Continue with breaking the rule and you will get banned.

2) If you reply with a flame in any other forum than Rants and Flames, the administrator or moderators will delete it. Continue with breaking the rule and you will get banned.

3) Anonymous flaming is NEVER allowed. If you flame anonymous your posts will be deleted and you might find yourself banned.

4) Mule accounts are NOT allowed. Your accounts created to flame people will get banned including all the other accounts that has been used by you. If nobody knows who you are, and you are only known to flame people you will fall into this category. The administrator and moderators may judge for their own if your account is a mule or not.

5) Anything deemed sexually or racially discriminating, or of an equally offensive nature may get deleted and the administrator and moderators may also choose to ban the author (depends on the post). May this not have been clear enough for you: this rule applies to each forum.

6) Adult material is NOT allowed. Pornographic stories, pictures, violent stories, etc. are NOT allowed. Post them and they will get deleted. Continue with breaking the rule and you will get banned (no warnings, we ban you whenever we please).

7) The administrator and moderators are allowed to delete and modify posts/threads and/or ban you without giving you, or anyone else, an explanation.

8) The administrator and moderators may add/change/remove rules whenever they please. When you post after these changes you agree with these new rules.

9) Forums may have specific rules. If you post in those forums you agree with those rules.

10) The administrator and moderators are allowed to “close” a thread whenever they please. They don't have to give you or anyone else an explanation. If you try to continue the “closed” thread with creating a new thread, this thread will be deleted. Continue with breaking the rule and you will get banned (no warnings, we ban you whenever we please).

11) Re-submitting of deleted post (does not matter if you're the author or not) will get you banned.

12) Do not use offensive usernames and/or pictures. This will get you banned.

13) If you post in the forums Rants and Flames or Scammer Alert, you have to sign the posts with your in-game character name (read rule #3 for more information!). If your forum account is named after it, this is not necessary of course. For your info, the name of your level 3 twink camped in Freeport will not suffice. If you flame someone and this other person doesn’t know who you are, and this person requests for a deletion of the post, it’ll be considered an anonymous flame and therefore will be deleted. And as always, when you continue the idiocy, you'll get banned.

14) Creating multiple accounts to back your own posts up under another name is not only very lame, it’s also not allowed. The posts will get deleted, and if you continue, you might find yourself banned eventually. Remember, the administrator and moderators are allowed to publicize your IP address, and/or any related information.

15) If your post contains (private) information that was gathered from a non-public place, then you will find your post deleted. It speaks for itself that rule #11 applies here as well.

16) Linking to pictures from a host that you do not control (i.e. 3rd party) is done at your own risk. If the host of the picture decides to change it onto something inappropriate and against the rules of this board, you will have to deal with the consequences.

17) Auctions for real cash are not permitted on these boards. Such auctions will get deleted, and you're risking losing your posting rights (in other words: your sorry ass will be banned).

18) Explicitly for the Rants & Flames forum but in each other forum this rule may be applied: bumping old threads to the top without any useful content in your post, i.e. to get it to top, you'll risk getting banned. Bumping your thread in the bazaar forums to get your item sold is tolerated, bumping threads in Funny Stuff may have some reread value, this is not the case with 99% of the threads in the Rants & Flames forum. If you want to show an old thread to someone, link it with vB code instead.

If you find bumped threads, do not reply to it! Instead, you are supposed to report it, this option is on the top right corner of each post.

19) If you're caught posting one-liners to increase your postcount (repeatedly bumping threads may be considered such), we will reset your postcount to zero, nada, null, zilch! Eventually we'll ban you too.

20) Even though the board offers the future to quote entire posts do NOT quote entire posts when a single line is enough to inform one what you're responding to. Please warn those who you see (ab)using the quoting feature and inform them of this rule.

21) Fake links are not funny and are not permitted. With fake links we mean fooling one by letting the hyperlink point somewhere else than the name it was given, i.e.:

Steam Vent

1) All rules apply to Steam Vent from here on out. You whine about someone that you find entertaining or someone you like that has been banned. Tough, refer to rule #7 above.


1) The administrator and moderators are allowed to do everything to get you banned from this board. Not only may they ban your IP, but they are also allowed to publicize your IP address (and all the other information you provided us with when you became a registered member on this board) that allows people to write complains to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

2) The administrator and moderators are allowed to write all your information (IP address, other accounts you own, the guild you’re in) on the board so other people can prevent that you will be ruining their board also.

3) Bans may be temporary. Temporary or not, creation of mule accounts in attempt to bypass our ban will always result in a permanent ban and if we find it appropriate we will take it a step further and complain about you at your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and take any other step necessary to get rid of you.

4) If you're no longer welcome on our forum and we have repeatedly let you know by banning one or more of your accounts, we will do anything to get rid of you. If this means that we'll have to let our webserver forward you to the grossest sites on the net instead of getting the usual dull forum displayed on your screen, so be it!

I hope everyone understand why we added these rules. Have fun...


05/22/00 – Unfortunately registration is now necessary to allow user banishment.

08/05/01 - Modified existing rules a bit and added #14 and #15 (were unwritten rules till today)

02/18/02 - Added #15

02/19/02 - Added #16

02/24/02 - Added #17

11/28/03 - We made a few modifications

01/26/04 - Added #20

02/07/04 - Added #21

10/28/07 - Added Steam Vent addition.

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The rules were updated. Read them.
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Rules updated. Read it.
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