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Default Something to write to

Ok, I'm bored. I don't play EQ (much) anymore, have a lot of free time, and just got some new gear in my studio. I want to write a couple of really killer pieces of instrumental music on fantasy themes, but have grown tired of writing to a theme that shifts depending on my mood. Does anyone have any interest in providing a short backstory as inspiration for a piece of music? Perhaps toss up an epic tale of raids gone wrong. Hell, someone tell me about your character and I'll compose their theme. Something, anything. Writing without a reason is no fun anymore.

I use Sonar and MIDI across several synths such as the Korg Triton Rack, Roland JV-2080, and EMU Virtuoso Pro and mix everything down as 24-bit wave before combining the final and encoding the MP3, so the end product is generally as professional sounding as anything available off the shelves, short of work recorded live.

Anyway, I'm going to write the music either way. I just thought I'd offer you guys a chance to throw a story or visual description at me to make it happen.
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You might want to try the languishing Roleplayer's forum here, OR the new one on Sony's own site. That should link you to all kinds of fantasy related backstories, set in an EQ genre theme. A visual option would be Saraquel's cartoon action series, if you can get his permission. Just two quick ideas that I thought I'd share. Happy composing!

Take care,
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