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Evil Ozzin
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Default wedding

There are a few nice places in sanctus neru to hold a wedding (or seru) im a bit confused here..
I have been on quite a few weddings during my time in Norrath, but think above described place is one of the nices ones.

PS. Dwarkarm... youre funny guy

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Nirecnad the Trademaster
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Are there any marriage laws in Norrath about consumation?

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Old 11-06-2002, 12:04 PM   #28
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Shainai's Nightie drops in Shar-Val.

as a halfling rogue I am indifferent there and when I went to get mine I ran to the arena, and went down below where the armorers are, and hung out. like 30 seconds after I arrived she came walking through a door and I killed her on the spot. nothing assisted her, and she has less than 500hp so she died in a few hits.

she drops that nightie, and a walking staff. When I wear the 2 in de or iksar form I look like a monk (was supposed to be my very unoriginal halloween costume, but there were no events going on, booo)

Shar vahl is easy to get to now too, what with the PoK portals, so if you're ever bored, take a short walk there and get yourself one
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Old 11-07-2002, 06:22 AM   #29
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Hi all. Just checkin in on all the good info. you guys are providing.

I had considered eloping, but as it turns out, NOW the groom is getting involved in the planning, and seems to be enjoying it! :lol:

Find me in game. Or check your email. Gotta question for ya.
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