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Default May 6, 1999.

EverQuest launched with modest expectations from Sony on March 16, 1999 under its Verant Interactive brand and quickly became successful. Additional game servers were opened to accommodate the vastly increasing amount of players. Among these was the server Erollisi Marr, now named Erollisi Marr (Morell-Thule), which was opened on May 6, 1999.

Wow! It has been 10 years already. A lot has changed in that time and the same time, maybe not that much. New MMORPGs were launched but none to date have matched up the challenge that EverQuest was. The days when you knew the other players on the server because people weren't hiding inside instanced dungeons. The fear of losing all your gear if a raid doesn't go as planned and then finally, the next day, early in the morning, the thrill and sense of accomplishment when the corpse of Cazic Thule crashes into the ground, down at your feet.

Are you still playing EverQuest or are you now addicted to another game? What has changed in your life over the 10 last years? Do you have screenshots made in 1999 or would you like to share a photo of yourself with the rest of us? Join us in these discussions:

Social Groups:
- Images of Erollisi Marr
- Images of Morell-Thule
- Players of Erollisi Marr (Morell-Thule)

- Erollisi Marr Anniversary Screenshots
- Whatever happened to...
- What has changed for you, IRL?
- Show us YOUR mug!
- ErollisiMarr.Com Website Changes

- What's the BEST expansion?
- What's the WORST expansion?

Here are some screenshots made in 1999:

You can view the rest over here.
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In case you are wondering, yes the news item was changed. As I mentioned, I wasn't sure about the date and more people seem to agree on May 6, 1999:"
Ogmuk <Da`Kor>
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