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Abdico Mortis
Absolute Madness
Altruistic Valorians
Amicitia, The
Appointed, The
Artisans of War, The
Ashenwood Elite
Ater Draconis
Avalon Imperial Guard
Avatar Elite
Avatars of Rage
Avatars of the Emerald Throne
Avengers Federation, The
Azure Mist

Blades of Honor
Blood Wolves
Blue Tigers
Brotherhood of Obsidian

Caelestis Ignis
Call of the Phoenix
Camaraderie Of Marr
Carpe Noctis
Carus Amicus
Champions of Kaos
Champions of Marr
Chaos Within
Chaotic Delusions
Chevaliers D'honneur
Children of Darkness
Children of Dawn
Circle of Dreams
Circle of Faith
Circle of Guardians
Circle of Twilight
Clan Autumnwood
Clan Phantom
Clash of Steel
Code of Excellence
Combine Order, The
Council of Justice
Creative Defiance
Cries of Insurrection
Crimson Eternity
Crimson Sky
Crymson Coven
Cryptic Virtue

Da Boyds
Dark Faith
Dark Masters
Dark Revolution
Dawn Brigade, The
Dawn of Fire
Defenders of Honour
Defenders of the League
Destiny of Marr
Diligent, The
Disrupted Guild
Divine Grace
Divine Immolation
Divine Synergy
Dominion Echelon
Drowned Legion
Dragonrider Knights
Dragons of Hope
Dragons of Myst
Drowned Legion
Drunken Pirates, The
Dungeon Delvers

Einherjarian Defenders
Elder Blades, The
Elven Wrath Coalition
Empire Sheol
Enchanted Rose

Endless Blood
Endless Prophecy
Endless Void
Eternal Crusaders

Eternal Haven
Eternal Knights
Eternal Knights of Darkness
Evanescent Shadows
Eve of Trucidation
Everlasting Chaos
Eyes of Darkness

Fallen Fellowship
Fatal Tendancies
Fates of Destiny
Faveo Sulum Ipsemet Ascio
Fellowship of Honour
Fianna of Marr
Fiery Fists of Unity
Flames Of Truth, The
Followers of Norrath
Forgotten Friends
Forgotten Guard
Forsaken Dreams
Free Company, The
Free Zone
Fury Unleashed

Gods of War
Grasp of Fury
Grey Legion, The
Grey Tower, The
Guardians of Antiquity
Guardians of the Flames

Hammers of Marr
Hand of Cazic-Thule, The
Harbingers Brotherhood
Harvesters of Sorrow
Heart of Fenris
Hearts Fury
High Council of Faydwer
High Guards of Destiny
Holy Guard

Ice Clan
Ice Knights
Imperturbable Fellowship, The
Incineration Nation
Inferno's Hand
Infinite Realms
Infinity of Darkness

Jaded Phoenix

Keepers of the Crucible
Keepers of the Fiery Myste
Knights of Jade
Knights of Revolution
Knights of the Covenent
Knights of the Crimson Sky
Knights of the Holy Storm
Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of the Roses
Knights of Virtue, The

League of Non-Aligned Wizards, The
Legion of Dark Enforcers
Legion of Fate
Legion of Ka
Legion of Kithicor
Legion of Might
Les Irréductibles
Lion's Denizens
Lions of Erollisi
Lords of Reverence
Lords of Valor
Lost Dragons of Marr

Lost Legion
Lost Lords of the Old World
Lucent Cloud
Lucid Devotion

Magius Knights
Malleus Maleficarum
Midnight Fury
Misfits of Marr
Mist of Sovereigns
Mithaniel's Mirth
Moment of Clarity
Mystic Coercion
Mystical Lightfighters

Nacht des Feuers
Nanten Knights
Ne Cede Malice
Nomads of Mystic Lore
Nomads of the Dawn
Norrath Crusaders
Norrathian Brotherhood, The
Norrathian Collective
Norrathian Exiles
Norrath's Domination
Novus Inceptus

Of the Sword
Onyx Illumination
Oracles of Fate
Oracles of Truth
Order of Ascension
Order of Divine Winds
Order of Flaming Shrine
Order of Friends
Order of Magus Tytalus, The
Order of the Steel Rose
Outlaws of Gor

Paradox Rising
Pendragon Society, The
Phoenix Crusaders
Pride of Erollisi
Primal Evolution
Primordial Rage
Prodigal Slayers
Prodigy of the Fallen

Quest for Enlightenment

Radiant Eclipse
Radiant Glory
Raenore, The
Raven Wolves
Reapers of Sorrow
Realm of the Apocalypse
Regia Antiquus
Resolution of Erollisi Marr
Ring of Destiny
Rising Thunderstorm
Rivervale Defenders
Ryujin no Seishin

Sacred Bond, The
Sanctuary of Marr
Saviors of Light
Semper Questio
Sentries of Faith
Shadow Killers
Shadows of Fire
Shadows of the Aurora
Silvermist Wolves
Sisterhood of Power
Slayers of Dragons
Soldiers of Havoc
Sons of Tao
Souls of Loyalty
Storm of Dragons
Storm's Edge
Sultans of Chaos
Sundered Heart
Sunrunners, The
Sylvan Guard
Syndicate of Honor

Talthalra D' Bel'la
Tao of X'aol
Tarsis Shriners
Team Evil
Temperance of Marr
Tempestatis Lumen
Templars of Veeshan
Theater of Dreams
Titans of Darkhollow
Transcendent Wrath
Travel Guard
True Allegiance
True Alliance
True Gallantry
Truthbringers of Marr
Twilight Mist
Twisted Allegiance

Unbroken Honor
United Independent
United Partisan's Service

Vakhar en'Meisa
Valiant Deliverance
Valorum Et Infentuam
Vanguard of the Iron Crown
Vanguards of Excellence
Via Saguinius
Vile of Darkness
Vivix Protectorate

White Storm
Whit's End
Winterhawk's Wrath
Wrath of the Monkeys

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