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Default Guild Leader's Forum

Is there anyway we could get a "Guild Leader's Forum" that ONLY the Guild leaders of each Guild would have access to?
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I think this would be a good idea....give the GL's a chance to cooridinate events and such.
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I sort of doubt this will come about, because of the following reasons.

First, Ogmuk doesn't play EQ any longer, and hasn't for years. He is kind enough to provide, pay for and administrate these boards. (And we love you for it Oggie! )

Creating a guild leader only forum would be a tremendous amount of work on top of the work he already does keeping the guild list up to date when people submit, moderating posts when needed...including removing personal information, removing links and posts that lead to advertising sites only and/or masking the name of the advertised product (you'd be surprised at the number), pictures & links that lead to overly adult areas (with no warning on them), removing posts that violate the rules of the board and banning members who repeatedly violate the board rules.

Adding a forum which would have to have continual administration in removing and adding guild leaders that should or should not have access, creating a user group to place those people in...well, in short, it would be a huge workload on top of the other things that he and the other mods already do...with little benefit to them.

The board and Ogmuk are extremely careful as to who has moderator access. A forum like you are requesting would require not only the ability to moderate posts, but to change a members access information, which is done in a highly secure area. With as careful as this board is and has always been regarding it's moderators, I just don't see this happening.

What I'd suggest is creating another board for such a purpose and let the guild leaders join and read that board if they choose to do so. This would put no added workload on Ogmuk and the other admins/moderators and allow you to handle it. I'm sure he'd be willing to put the link up, maybe even sticky it, if you asked politely (Polite requests are the way to go with Og and the other admins, hehe).

If I am off with my assessment, I'm sure Ogmuk will come in and correct me, but I'm basing this off of 5 years of experience with this board, including some time helping clear up a particularly bad issue on EZBoard with someone who hotlinked an avatar from Something Awful...who changed it to a pornographic picture, heh.

Good luck either way!
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