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Default Elements have gone on strike!

On June 10, as I travelled back to the wayfarer's camp in North Ro after completing another adventure I noticed my groupmate, Kindil, was strangely losing health and complaining about an elemental attacking him. Confused by his claim, I turned down his cry as I knew of no wild elemental monsters wandering the desert. However, as I arrived at the wayfarer's camp I noticed a fairly large crowd gathered around the edge of the desert, and in the center of it all were three elementals declaring a strike against the mages who summon them. They were Air, Water, and Fire. Oddly, Earth was no where to be seen.

I listened in, the Elementals complained about having no respect shown to them - no please, no thank you, and all they do is get sent out into wreckless battles until they die. Some of the most frequent complaints that were heard were mages who send their pets out into battle just to test how hard a monster hits and how durable their Elemental is. They began demanding brandy and griffon feathers, acting as if they were the masters and wanted to direct all the orders. At first I told them that we had no real use for magicians in the world anyway, and I told them that without magicians we would have no way of summoning Elementals, and therefore there would be no threat of their strike. The Elementals seemed to take that as "Yes, agree with us, magicians are bad people!", but that wasn't my point at all.

The next step I took, as some magicians fled to North Karana in search of griffon feathers, was to tell them that they could boycot magicians all they wanted, no matter how much they thought mages are worthless without their assistance. We could just call the necromancers and replace all the Elementals with skeleton workers! Yes, the skeletons, such sweet and marvelous things. It's a bonus that skeletons have no brains, and therefore they can't comprehend the thought of revolting into a strike. I then lead my story to the Elementals to how they would then be all alone, feel lonely and outcast, have no where to go because Magicians won't need the Elementals anymore with the skeletons, which then all the Elementals would have left would be themselves to fend for. This, in my opinion, would eventually lead to cannibalism among Elementals until no more were left. It's a crazy story, I know!

This went back and forth for a while when the biggest Elemental in the group, the Air elemental (also carrying a big staff), came up to me and started to try casting enchanter spells on me! Well, this ranger resisted most of the spells that Elemental threw on him, and I shook my finger at the Elemental. I revealed my weapons and drew out my most powerful spells and gave that Elemental a taste of his own medicine! Sadly, it was a tough Elemental and I was hardly able to put a dent in its health, but that dent was huge compared to what the Elemental thought he could do! (rawr)

By the end of the night several more magicians had shown up and brought their pets in to face the aggressive Air Elemental, who ended up being chased all around the desert by a band of adventurers to near death until he stopped his aggressive actions. Some other adventurers even teamed up with the Elementals and healed the Air Elemental. (who eventually became invulnerable ><)

In my opinion, the Elementals were just some crazy people in disguise trying to stir up trouble between magicians and the real Elementals, because...

1. Anti-Summon spells had no effect on them. We all know Elementals are summoned, right?

2. They complained about sitting, and stated that they wouldn't let us sit unless they told us so. Have you ever seen an Elemental sit down, truely?

3. An Air Elemental casting enchanter spells? Hello??

4. They also complained about taking damage for the magicians in combat. Well what about the melee fighters who run in and take all the damage for them? Is it just our fault that monsters have a natural attraction to us and not them? Personally I think they have it easy!

But nevertheless, some magicians did return with griffon feathers. Kindil returned with a couple of feathers and reported to have recieved a black sapphire for each.

A failed GM event, or a succeeded one? I think the event came to it's point and succeeded, regardless of the fact that the air elemental ended up being chased up and down the area. I mean, if you're going to put a violent protest you're going to have actions taken against you, right? It could have been a lot worse and a whole raid could have come in and raided all three of the elementals!

This is Reporter Zelgadis for E.M.A.R. News signing out!
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I heard of Elementals striking in North Ro so I traveled down from the Plane of Knowledge to see for my self what was happening.

When I arrived I found only two Elementals, the air Elemental and the Water. I spoke to the Air Elemental, who's name escapes me now, why he was in the Deserts of Ro. He spoke to me about being on strike, and not wishing to be a slave to the mages again. He also spoke of wishing to be respected, not as some common pet, but as a companion. Noble causes in this rangers book so I took up my swords and spells to protect him from the growing number of attackers.

Yes I was one who healed him and cast what other spells I could to allow him to move faster and be protected some what. I also spoke out for his cause and for people to hear him out. I was not alone in trying to keep him alive from the blood thirsty crowd, I saw others also casting spells of healing.

In the end he did become untouchable which allowed others to also speak with him. One mage who was there disagreed with this Air Elemental for its actions, that it had forgotten its place as a tool to all mages who summons it.
This mage compared the arrows that I fletch with the Elementals being that they are only tools, but as I pointed out my arrows do not scream out in pain when they are hit, unlike the elementals do.

Gengrel, a brave warrior that I know took up his sword in battle with this mage. The mage called forth many small earth elementals to do battle upon this warrior. Gengrel battled through these and another larger Earth elemental and at times was able to land direct blows upon the mage, but in the end the mage stood alone, but bleeding, his Earth Elemental standing over Gengrel body. It only proved the point that with out elementals to come assist a mage..they would not last long in battle.

I spoke to both elementals about a island in the Twilight seas, upon the moon we call Luclin where they might travel and be with others of their kind who roam free with no master to enslave them and both seemed interested that there was such a place.

The moral to this uprising is simple, those of you with "Pets" who come to your aid in battle should respect the fact that they do so for you. They are your companions and without their aid you would not be as great as you are now.
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Zebtik was the lead elemental, and after the fighting began to slow, first asked for dwarven stout. A druid named Kyris got it for him, and he gave her gems. I had my little 53 wizard on, and asked if he required anything else. He asked for cream liquer.

Took some finding but I found it at last in Shar Vahl, and brought it back. I recieved Griffon Head Epaulets for my trouble (AC10 WIS+13 MANA+50). Not sure if he sent others on errands as well...I think he may have. He then asked for various ideas on how to teach mages a lesson...

Overall, an enjoyable event. First time in almost 4 years of playing that I've been involved in one and not watching on the sidelines.
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