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Default Brigands steal Artifacts from Librarian Tol


It was an ordinary evening in the normally pacific Plane of Knowledge Saturday night. Adventurers were flitting to and fro using the magical stones to travel from one section of Norrath to another, stopping off to do a little banking or shopping as necessary before running off to their next battle.

A few kind souls had just bestowed some free magical enchantments to all nearby the Nexus stone when a shout was heard coming from the Library. Librarian Tol's precious artifacts were being stolen in front of his very eyes! Despite his protestations & the quick response of several good Samaritans, the brigands carried off several valuable items and made their escape out of the Plane of Knowledge.

Luckily, a few saw their exit route, and a rescue force was sent forth to The Overthere, with Librarian Tol extolling folks of all races and classes to hurry and return his items to him before the brigands got away. Initially, the fighting was fierce and chaotic in The Overthere, with the brigands working together and quickly slaying a few brave rescuers. After just a few moments though, the rescuers organized themselves under the leadership of Sandain, and the first Brigand was slain. A few minutes later, another thief was killed. Eventually, despite offers of mercy, the last Brigand fell fighting to the end against overwhelming forces.

Librarian Tol recovered most of his artifacts, and rewards were issued to many lucky adventurers. The evil Dark elves of the nearby Overthere fort tried to steal the items once the brigands were dispatched, but were repelled by the raid force and quickly slain as well.

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Nicely reported, Frekkels
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