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The lesser of two weevils
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Bush is President. He is responsible for what happens on his watch. Somewhere in his chain of command there are parties that need to be held accountable. He made his bed. Now he has to lay in it.
Fucking Vireil = Chiteng..

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Horma, I finally figured out why you hate smoking so much, because the cigarette is bigger than you are, and has more intelligence to boot.

Now I am waiting for you to post that the American Contractor had it coming and that the Iraqi prisoners shouldn't be in prison at all. The next time someone 'baits' you like I just did in this thread, try to look beyond the simplicity if you can.
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Disturbing the force
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Glad to see that the stylist reference didn't escape you Trith. The fact remains however, that Bush is "in charge" and is ultimately responsible for what happens in Iraq.
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Sociopathic bully?
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Ah yes IM- because I find fault with the grotesque abuse of prisoners under our control I must in turn think that the slaying of US citizens is just retribution? Eat a dick kid- you've been owned up and down the block on this thread. But by all means, continue hiding behind the ridiculous copout that you were "Just trolling hahaha omgz I fuuld u a||!~11!!1!" Like I said- pure comedy gold.

You're a worthless racist IM. Learn to live with the consequences of your words or learn to keep that mouth of yours under control.
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