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Originally Posted by Brigiid
I'm just a little dismayed that the reaction to that anger has driven some people to the point that they're calling for the extinction of an entire race/religion to make it right somehow.
Brigiid I don't lump all muslims in the same catagory with the muslim extremist. I don't lump all Iraqi's in with the insurgents.

It's like I told my husband last night when he suggested again that the best thing we could do is drop a nuclear bomb on Iraq and come home. I told him there are certain citys like Fallujah that support and harbor the insurgents. Those people represent a small minority of the Muslem community. The US military should make an example out of those cities. We have Christian extremist right here in the US like the one's that bomb abortion clinics. If we were to take those people and make an example out of them and anybody that supports their actions, you would see alot less extreme acts of violence.
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