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Default I was wrong

I stated in an earlier post that responding with firepower to rockthrowers was not an adequate defense. Although I doubt that a fully armed soldier is going to be killed from rocks, this post pretty much whitewashes my words.
I was wrong.
I still believe it is excessive force mainly because I feel these dead guys were probably stoned by a crowd. It doesn't say whether or not it is.
However, not being there, I can not make a case as to the actions of any soldiers. They are the ones in the combat and they act accordingly. I also think that unless any of us are there, we are not qualified to speak for the actions of soldiers. i shall try to refrain from doing such in the future.
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Rubber bullets...if you throw rocks, expect a rubber bullet knocking the air out of if you don't want a rubber bullet bruising your butt, don't throw's that simple.
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Bumbleroots link doesnt meet his words.

And btw, only one person died. I saw the footage you meant to post.

God Bless America
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