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Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Default Liberal Media Bias, election year shit-storm. Trust who?

To many voters,
The (wink wink) liberal bias in the media seems to have become a conservative
conspiracy-theory gone extremist-nutso-blinko. But this comes from liberals
themselves protecting their own institutions due to lack of power in todays
American government. No special thanks to those ill-informed idiot southern
KKK-loving-redneck voters, living near/on the dirty, smelly gulf of Mexico.

You remember the south?, it's that area of America the democrats have no use for.
Like poor conservatives.

Who can you trust? Well, you have to decide for yourself who you can trust.
You have to decide what indoctrination you have undergone that has made
you so hatefull and fearfull of those lying, cheating, good for nothing conservatives.
College maybe? Maybe, but thats a whole other thread.

Today were going to learn about Bias in the media. And decide for ourselves
where we stand, and how to understand bias.

Let us begin.

1. Bias by Commission:
A pattern of passing along assumptions or errors that tend to support a left-wing or liberal view.

2. Bias by Omission:
Ignoring facts that tend to disprove liberal or left-wing claims, or that support
conservative beliefs.

3. Bias by Story Selection
A pattern of highlighting news stories that coincide with the agenda of the
Left while ignoring stories that coincide with the agenda of the Right.

4. Bias by Placement:
A pattern of placing news stories so as to downplay information supportive of
conservative views.

5. Bias by the Selection of Sources:
Including more sources in a story who support one view over another. This bias
can also be seen when a reporter uses such phrases as "experts believe,"
"observers say," or "most people think."

6. Bias by Spin:
Emphasizing aspects of a policy favorable to liberals without noting aspects
favorable to conservatives; putting out the liberal interpretation of what an
event means while giving little or no time or space to explaining the
conservative interpretation.

7. Bias by Labeling:
Attaching a label to conservatives but not to liberals; using more extreme
labeling for conservatives than for liberals; identifying a liberal person or group
as an "expert" or as independent.

8. What Isn't Bias
You may come across stories that you believe fit one of these eight
definitions of bias. But, they still may not qualify as examples which you
should criticize. With some narrow exceptions explained later in this section,
you want to identify bias that occurs in news stories and which favors the
liberal view over the conservative perspective.

Make your vote count by understanding the principles, and to recognize
bias in not only the media, but also from bias in posts. Allthough opinion
doesn't count. It does when opinion is blemished with only partial facts
or blantent lies, that support a favorable agenda from the poster.

God Bless America
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Sociopathic bully?
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I'll give you this Zolmaz, you've got some balls posting this. O ye of the factless post, o ye of the shameless propaganda whoring.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Zolmaz.
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