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I'm sure you are just as tired as me Z, hearing that war-for-oil BS. If that were actually the case, we would use our "war on drugs" to occupy countries in South America. It would be cheaper, with less world opposition, and get us FAR MORE OIL.

We get 3x as much oil, each day, from Mexico as we do from Iraq. Hell, half of Mexico's population is already here, it's not like we would even have to 'occupy' a country. Add Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina in there and we are sitting pretty.

The thing that anti-Bush people just can't believe, can't understand or even comprehend, is that Bush did this solely out of a belief that it was the right thing to do for the protection and welfare of the US. No political bs, no extra pocket cash, no 'make my daddy feel good' shit. He did it because as the one human being most accountable for the welfare of US citizens, he felt it was the right thing to do. Period.

Lefties just can't figure out the 'right' thing to do, there is always some hidden ulterior motive. A person with principles, who doesn't whine and whimper and cater to every single special interest, boggles em.

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Hey Vulp and Zol
You have to remember, to the left, NOTHING is ever the 'right thing', they always flavor it with whichever way the wind blows. After the 9/11 attacks, immediately they wanted payback, but let time go by, and it is "Oh, the terrorists had good intentions..............."

The reason the 'right' is 'right' is because we have foundational beliefs, and are willing to fight for them. We don't change them because of "modern times." Fornication is what it is now, as it was thousands of years ago. Same for murder, rape, or invading a foreign country. Saddam invaded Kuwait, so we pushed him out and told him he has this list to follow if he wants to keep power. He didn't keep the list, so we enforced what other countries didn't have the balls to enforce. And we paid for it with the blood of our men and women. As far as I am concerned, it is Germany, France, and the other spineless countries who are ILLEGAL, or at least FRAUDULENT, not keeping their word. It's easy to stand in a conference room at the UN and declare that Iraq must do this and that. It's another thing to put some teeth in it and enforce what you say. In the redneck world, we call that "all bark and no bite". Either PUT UP or SHUT UP. (I am NOT talking about the German or French people, just their government and government propaganda)

I think it is embarassing that our previous Administration did so little about the building terrorist threat, with the USS Cole, US Embassies, etc... being attacked. Diplomacy does NOT work with a Dictator or Terrorist. Violence does work because if you kill a terrorist, he/she can't kill again. If you kill enough terrorist's, the message comes across that this sleeping giant isn't going to tolerate that kind of behavior.

To think that the likes of France, Germany and other's could be bought off by Saddam Hussein, just sickens my stomach.
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@Inmountains: the blood is of your countrymen and women is wasted for a war that dosent make the world and the US safer.
the proof is the situation right now, the US-adminstration is so desperate that they trust an former republican guard general.
cmon, you must say that prez bush´s "superduperplan" didnt worked.
and by the way.. the facts are, it does not bring "stability" to the other countrys in the middle east, its just a fact, you can tell it by the growing terrorist activity.

i know, for a patriot and a proud american its hard to commit errors. but this is not about "i am american, everything my prez does is right", it is about the people die for reasons they were made up, and plus after all this dead body nothing good came out.

dont get me wrong, i love the USA too, my wife is american and i know how patriotic you all are, but die in a useless war has nothing to do with "patriotic".

Bush is a liar, np he is by far not allone in our politic world, but sometimes we have to face the truth.

just one word why this war is illegal: the USA is one of the UN founder, the charta says that a aggressive first-strike-attack of another country is illegal, this charta was signed in San Francisco and the USA fought many wars to protect the charta.
til this president, he just made an "unilateral" descion to fight a war, without upholding the charta.

Bush destroyes more and more work of former admistrations.

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wasted for a war that dosent make the world and the US safer.
Prove it. Again, you can't prove it. I believe it will make the world and the US safer. Saying it won't, is your opinion, and like many, you are much better informed than the president of the US, and much more intelligent also.

You Germans and French can spout all you want. FACT is, your countries didn't want to lose profits by taking out Saddam. The UN was a great idea at one time, now it's just a bunch of beauracrats endlessly babbling over every single issue. Nothing ever actually gets done anymore, besides useless resolution after useless resolution. They have the balls of women, not eastern European women mind you.

Bash Bush all you want. He at least has the decency to stand up for something he believes in.

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