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Default McCain calls for "bipartisanship" or censorship?

Quote: Defending Kerry, senator blasts 'chickenhawks'

Lautenberg criticizes Cheney for questioning record

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Posted: 1:53 PM EDT (1753 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg on Wednesday called Vice President Dick Cheney "the lead chickenhawk" against Sen. John Kerry and criticized other Republicans for questioning the Democratic presidential contender's military credentials.

But Sen. John McCain, a decorated war hero and former prisoner of war, scolded Lautenberg for attacking the Bush administration during the Iraq conflict and said it was time to "declare that the Vietnam War is over."

What I find appalling is McCain's call for bipartisanship and an end to "attacking the President" until "the fighting in Iraq is over with".

Why not attack the pResident and his immoral policies in Iraq? Come on, McCain! Isn't this great country about democracy?

McCain used Lautenberg's defense of Kerry as a means of censuring Democrats who would dare speak out against the war; that is what his whole call for bipartisanship is all about: silencing the opposition.

Now is the time for Democrats to get off their collective asses and go "nuklear" on the Bush administration. The Democrats should stop listening to the moderate Republicans who are only interested in winning the Oval office for one of their own.

Lautenberg was absolutely correct in defending Kerry. McCain was wrong for suggesting that Democrats stop criticizing Bush and pull together to make Iraq a success. Democrats need more Lautenbergs at this critical time and less mealy-mouthed Democrats afraid of looking un-American or worse yet as "flip-floppers".
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I believe that McCain said for both sides to drop the issues from Vietnam. He has clearly stated that he does not believe these are issues. He said that both men have fulfilled their obligations and that we need to move on from there.
He is correct in stating that this is a political drain on the country. However, it is also a political season and therefore there is much haranguing over service. I personally don't think that military service is relevant to being president. Moreso the ability to have strong people around you and the ability to make strong decisions. I like to look at FDR when it comes to models of how a president can best run the military. FDR ran our country on strong military and political leadership.
Its unfortunate that there are good people in Bush's administration and there are idiots who have a hard-on for the past mistakes they were part of. Unfortunately Powell has been swept under the rug in almost every case until the Bush team needs to fix a mistake they have already made and decides to go back and try Powells moves on for size.
I also feel that an ELECTIVE war does require someone who has served. This is unlike a defensive action. It is chosen and any person who knowingly sends others to their deaths without having taken those risks themselves lacks credibility. At some point this becomes a morale problem for troops. We know this because Republicans tried to exploit Clinton so strongly on this for years.
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