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Default Why CNN is a piece shit

Preface, polls are worthless.

CNN top story.

Iraqis polled: War did more harm than good but worth it
Now after seeing that you would think, damn we are fucking up big time if a 'poll' says that. must be overwhelming fucking numbers for CNN to make that top story, right?

This is in much smaller print.

Nearly half the Iraqis polled in a survey conducted primarily in March and early April said they believed the U.S.-led war had done more harm than good, but 61 percent of respondents said Saddam Hussein's ouster made it worth any hardships. Iraqi interviewers polled 3,444 residents between March 22 and April 9.
If you click the article it reads


Nearly half -- 47 percent -- said they believed attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq could not be justified, while 52 percent said those attacks could be justified some or all of the time
This is proof positive of liberal slant reporting. the blatant bullshit is so obvious. Why not just say according to a 'poll' the majority of Iraqis think we are doing ok over there? Thats at least a factual statement regarding a poll ( i dont believe it is a valid poll one way or the other) without slant. But naaaah, lets be a scumbag and say in big fucking retarded headlines

Iraqis polled: War did more harm than good but worth it
Im sure Homodrone will say, OMG chuk what about fauxnews???????????? nyuck nyuck nyuck

They slant more towards the middle than the others even though they do have more conservative editors who voice their opinions.
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Hardly wins "Misleading Headline of the Year". Note: as of this writing the headline is now:

Poll: Iraqis conflicted about war, its impact
Which is a far cry better.

However, I wouldn't go saying that it's [the previous headline] as misleading as you think.

According to the article:

Thirty-three percent of those polled said the war had done more good than harm, while 46 percent said it had done more harm than good.
Thus, the headline is legitimate, since 46% is more than 33%. By the way, I am assuming the remaining 21% chose a non-response answer, but the article doesn't state it.


But asked, "Thinking about any hardships you might have suffered since the U.S.-Britain invasion, do you personally think that ousting Saddam Hussein was worth it or not?" Sixty-one percent said it was worth it. Twenty-eight percent said it was not, while 9 percent said they were not sure.
And since 61% is a majority, that part of the headline is also legitimate.

Additionally, the headline also states that it is worth it, despite it having done more harm than good. An intelligent reader will assume this to mean that while the short-term consequences were not favorable (reflecting the opinions showed in the polls), the long-term results will pay off (again, reflecting the poll results).

How much attention did you pay to the article, Chuk? From the looks of the conclusion you jumped to, it doesn't appear much.
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