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If we never try to make H2 available, then it certainly never will be.
That is true.
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This is the future.
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gojirra monk
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Personally, I prefer this method:

Oh, and the hydrogen economy is a solution in search of a problem, and will remain in that state until either we get over our fear of nuclear power, or when some other alternative power source stops sucking so much. My preference would be a ZPF engine, but that has the longest way to go before it doesn't suck.

If you are still thinking in terms of "Fossil Fuels", you may want to read up on the abiogenesis hypothesis of petroleum. So far, abiogenesis has more evidence in favor than the fossil theory has.

Oh, and one way or another, there are things that we get from petroleum that we can't (yet) get from elsewhere. I suspect we will be using it for quite some time, as a fuel fuel or otherwise.
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Fossil fuels is the general term used to describe oil, gas, and coal. Those are all I was referring to.
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Cold fusion is a dream. It may happen in the future, but given that "hot" fusion has been 10 years away from commercial viability for the last 30 years, I wouldn't hold my breath for cold fusion.

Wind power is the best of the currently available renewable energy sources. It costs about the same to produce as coal.

I put this web page together a couple of years ago with some stats on the relative costs of different power sources.
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Originally Posted by gojirra monk

No, it still uses more energy to make the hydrogen than the energy you get back when you burn it. Just that some of the energy used is used off-site.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be reported in major journals, it'd just be tossed around on the overunity mailing lists.

I had seen this on "invent this" on the science channle, the only reason it isnt being thrown around is because while it makes more power then it takes, it still is a relitivly slim amount, and to make massive amounts of power(to make a viable power plant) it would require a HUGE amount of platnium, when i say huge, this of a 2 story building made out of it, there probibly isnt enough mined to make such a power source.... The chemists i mentioned are trying to find a better catalyst at the moment, they are also playing around with live emzimes to see if they can speed up the reactions to make it more efficent(and require less sizable catalysts)
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