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Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Default Repost:And the truth about Liberals.

I could point out more of their faults. But whats the point.

The immorally correct Liberal Democrats always want to impose
on the rest of America their distorted veiw of what is right or wrong.
Yet when something righteous comes along, "like say, saving helpless
8-1/2 month old babies? they cry foul like whiny brats kicking and screaming
for an ice cream cone.

Gay marriage? Your damn right America! And we're going to make
you tolerate it or we'll sue your preachers.

SUV's? Damn right we hate them. Even though our own leaders
drive them, you don't deserve to. And it only shows we need to raise your taxes
because your wasting your money when it could be given to feed the poor.

Anal sex? Damn right we support it. And it's up to you tax payers
to foote the bill when we catch HIV. And you have no say in the matter.
And we'll legislate raising your taxes to fund it.

God? Keep it out of our School's, off our dollar bill's, and our courtrooms free
from any notion. We hate the word unless we're using it as a cuss word. Period!

And on and on.

The Politically Correct leftists hate any objective that comes close to
reflecting the morality side of any issue.

Not because being PC is right, but because PC over-rides morallity.
It's a power struggle plain and simple. How could the leftists possibly
gain power by supporting an honorable intention? Which rich fanatic would fund that?,

And lets not forget the feminists who could really care less about your
childrens rights. Unborn children are only pawns in the game and should be
considered expendable. Don't believe me? Planned parenthood supports
abortion. Isn't that contradiction of the name alone? Of course it is. But
dare you tell them that.

Why do lesbians care about Abortion anyway? They can only dream of being raped.
Allthough, I'm sure there's a crack head out there that can still get it up.

12 Years ago the feminists (dried up crusty whores) held the same rally
in New York. Was the agenda really about Abortions? No but that was
a reason, and all that was needed to support their power base during
an election. If you remember it was the Bush Sr. Vs Clinton election
and was held no later then 2-months before the Presidential election.

Coincidence? Not a chance. And we should expect even more outrageous
rallies in the future as the election draws near. Even worse then last weekend.

I see no problem with these rallies. I Love America. It's our legal right.
But, since the Mainstream media has taken it apon themselves to delegate
this election with a slant towards those who disrupt popular American voters,
the choice is simple. When you push, we push back. And the new Leftist
Democratic party cannot stand for this. Heck, they know whats best for America.
Don't they?

God Bless America
God Bless our American Troops
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Anal sex? Damn right we support it. And it's up to you tax payers
to foote the bill when we catch HIV. And you have no say in the matter.
And we'll legislate raising your taxes to fund it.
Don't bash it!

I'm not sure where I read this, maybe here maybe somewhere else, but where ever I read it, it pointed out the anal sex was damn popular ages ago in Europe and probably migrated here. This was mainly due to their religious beliefs of having sex before marriage so they just stuck it in the other hole to compensate

It went something like that haha
I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.
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yeah man, getting dooty on your thing rocks.
Chukzombi Astrocreep
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Thanks chuk, I needed that.
Pinhead of Whit`s End

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