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Default Not sure this belongs here or what, but...

How fucked up is this poor little girl going to be?

10 days trapped in a wreck next to the decomposing body of her mother eating dried noodles and gatorade- at 5 years old
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The California Highway Patrol received a call early April 4 from a motorist who said a car on State Route 60 may have gone over the side of the road. Authorities searched the area at the time but found nothing.
I would think that a guardrail would severely damaged if a car ran through it. This would've been a good place to start looking especially since they knew the guardrail had been damaged, otherwise they wouldn't have gone out to repair it.

Not sure this belongs here or what, but...
Probably "Small Talk". No one seems to care about things here unless it involves politics.
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I read this a couple days ago and it's just sad to think about that poor little girl there alone for days with her dead mother.
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