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Originally Posted by Bumbleroot
I know what war is. My point, since you are obviously closeminded, is that this is reaching a point of idiocy. This war has no purpose and is getting less of a purpose.
In your opinion Bumbleroot. Keep that in mind when you say this war has no purpose. For many of us, this is a totally just war.
Originally Posted by Bumbleroot
We are almost at a point where we will have gone into Iraq and are fighting the people of Iraq and having to pay a billion dollars a week for this. So to sum it up, you and I are paying about $5 a day to have our soldiers killed for NO REASON. Break it down, that is about $1800 a year to have your neighbors kid and many others like him or her get killed with no purpose.
Is everything always about money with you? Why don't you go protest somewhere and spit on the soldiers when the come home because they are costing you $5 dollars a day to fight a war you THINK has no reason.
I want to hear you bitch and moan if Kerry gets elected when he raises your taxes $5 dollars a day.
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Originally Posted by Lallek
thats right... all the positive things are right.. negativ is just the media ..bla bla.
Very good, you read and understood what I said! Except...not. You missed the part where I didn't specify between right and wrong. It was a blanket statement that covered both sides. Try again.

Originally Posted by Bumbleroot
I'm glad you brought that up, because that comment that I made before to some Yahoo who claimed they knew something about newspapers went unanswered.
I hope the research you do for your "media job" is better than the research you do here. If you're referring to this thread, I did answer your question. You either didn't read it or didn't respond. It doesn't matter much to me, but since you brought it up.
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