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I don't understand this concept. The government gives you many laws regarding your property and you're not fighting them. You might consider it private despite the fact that the majority of the people during it's opening hours are the public but what you're saying is that you dont believe the law should be involved in your business, breaking that law is better then adhering to it, if you choose not to believe in it...

Seems like a very pick and choose sort of govenrment you believe in.
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You were NOT born with it, you developed it all by yourself
Lemme guess, you've never, ever done anything stupid? Well, starting smoking is stupid, I've already said this. But, once you're hooked, it is not an easy thing to quit. So basically, no, you DON'T understand. Most smokers know the dangers, but it is not something you can just up and quit, just like that. Hell, with all the idiots on the road, it's extremely dangerous to drive down the highway, yet you still do it, right?
If I touch a hot BBQ, I will get burned.
Now, this is funny, because chances are, you learned this the hard way. Most smokers start in their teens. They care nothing for the dangers of smoking, because most teenagers have an immortality complex. They think death is something that only happens when you get old. I know I never gave much thought to dying when I was younger.
People tell me that I just don't understand.
You don't understand this. Until you have smoked and then quit (or tried to), you cannot possibly understand how hard it is to do. You cannot simply apply logic when it comes to understanding addiction.
But a Bar is run under the Health & Safety Laws covering any place where the public may gather
You're right, they are REGULATED by government agencies, but that still does not mean they are public places. I mean, your house is the same way. You don't have any more right to practice cannibalism in your home than you do anywhere else. Since your home has to conform to certain regulations, does that also make it a public place? The government is just making sure these places are conforming to the law, they don't have any say in whatever else goes on, as long as it remains perfectly legal. If the owner of the club says you can't get in unless you're wearing pink, well then there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. You just aren't getting in.
Business owners who 'invite' the general public in to transact business are considered a "PUBLIC PLACE". Wow you guys are DENSE!!!
Firstly, calm the fuck down. Secondly, unless a bar is advertising, how are they "inviting" you in? They are allowing you in, yes, provided you abide by their rules, but I don't remember ever receiving something in the mail requesting my presence at the local bar.
Of course the unspoken assumption is that masturbation suffices too.
Oh thank God.
breaking that law is better then adhering to it
Now, you're just reaching. He never advocated breaking the law, just working around it. If it's not illegal to serve alcohol, then he isn't breaking the law, correct? He also never stated what he would do if cigarettes were made illegal, he has been arguing the case with the law as it stands today, as far as I can tell.
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"Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." - Thomas Jefferson
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Oh thank God.
No need to offer thanks. He knows when you do it anyway
One of the wonders of the world is going down
It's going down I know
It's one of the blunders of the world that no-one cares
No-one cares enough

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Bar, Hotel, Public House, Inn, Guest House, the private ownership of the joint don't change its definition as a public place. A private ownership of the building structure, land, property and goods does not imply private space. Goods are sold to the public, and services such as a bed for the night's stay will be provided (for fee simple). You can eat Breakfast, possibly Lunch and finally Dinner, in such a place. The entire public is invited to do so under the same roof. Service such as mealtimes are not privately owned. They are privately provided for a common fee. The building structure, land, property and sales goods might be privately owned but it is public space when trading opens for business.

The environment is a public place, here not meaning Government or public premises. If it remains under private ownership whose Bar/Hotel/Inn it is doesn't change. The public may come here subject to its members recognising the right of business owners to levy their fee, or quote charges.

The expectation is that this is your reason for patronising their private enterprise (not to chisel booze, brawl, damage property or steal from anybody). Apart from that, the owners may set rules placing conditions for their service when you enter, including a right to refuse any service if you will not satisfy their conditions of entry. Provided it is not in contravention of any law when they do.
Originally Posted by Drysdale
"Fair enough. I don't agree with anyone all the time."
Originally Posted by Davek
"*blink* *blink* *blink*
*bliiiink* *bliiiink* *bliiiink*
*blink* *blink* *blink*

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Thank you Misty. Why calm the fuck down Wildane, it's more fun this way!?!

Yea, I did do something stupid, I started playing EQ and now I just can't help myself!!! If I don't log on, I get the shakes, the nervous tension, anxiety, and more!!! M-u-s-t p-u-l-l m-y-s-e-l-f f-r-o-m t-h-i-s a-d-d-i-c-t-v-e g-a-m-e!!!
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The ban in Ireland has nothing to do with banning smoking in Public Places, but rather with banning smoking in the workplace. The wrokplace also has to be over 50% covered in, so bricklayers, gardeners are not affected. Bar staff, like any employees have to be provided with a safe working environment. The ban was to cover all workplaces, just bars get more publicity than say a factory canteen.
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