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Ok Bumble, let me explain this one more time.
Whether the kid cleaned his room or not, if he wouldn't let you in to see if he had, it didn't matter if he had a maid clean it, if he had Martha Stewart clean it, if he denies anyone entry to actually see it, how the hell are you supposed to know if he cleaned it???????? Do you see the faulty ways of your logic? So we were just supposed to assume that he had gotten rid of the WMDs when he was kicking out the inspectors? That is my point, he did not comply, we had no sure way of knowing and we gave him a deadline to comply which he did not. If you never discipline, you have no control. You keep saying, and I quote, "UN resolution said to rid yourself of WMD. HUSSEIN DOES THIS. Why are we at war over WMD?" You keep saying he got rid of them--where was the PROOF?????
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If we're trying to link Iraq/U.N. Inspections to a child cleaning his room, I think we can provide a better analogy.

A father suspects his kid of owning some porno magazines (perhaps even videos). For the sake of relevance, we'll assume the parents are divorced, and that the kid has rights to privacy in his own room. Anyway, the father wants to bust the kid and send him off to a military school to be straightened out. By the way, the kid has been pretty rebellious all along. Some detentions, one major fight, doesn't clean his room, but overall nothing to warrant him getting shipped off to the Marines. His father thinks otherwise, that the son should "straighten up and fly right" or get his ass thrown out.

The mother thinks that they should look to see if the son actually has the porn. She doesn't think her son is perfect, by any means, but he's going to graduate from high school soon enough (if he doesn't get pushed back). She detests that his room is in such a deplorable state, although there are worse messes in other parts of the house. If housecleaning were to be done, his room wouldn't be the first on the list.

The father decides after a few days that he just wants the kid out. He tells his wife that he's personally seen these magazines before, that he heard their son was spotted in an adult book store, and tells her he wouldn't hesitate to buy porn for children. She doesn't agree to oust her son, but the father goes ahead and does it anyway.

If we want to take my analogy into the realm of silliness..

The son heard his father storming up the steps, jumped out the window, and lived on the run for a few weeks. Unfortunately, he was found, and his father sent him off to boot camp. Meanwhile, no porno mags have been found in the room, though it has been considerably cleaned up. The house might be a little better off, but the mother feels lied to.

I'm tired, not sure if this made sense. And I don't think it really helps at all, but it's a better working analogy I think.
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Makes perfect sense to me Ares
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Wonderful analogy Ares if it had any relevance. Mine was short and to the point--which is what an analogy is supposed to do, not to try and throw the reader of the topic.
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You mean there are parents that actually allow their Kids the Right to Privacy because it's their bedroom? When my boys were growing up it was put to them like this by their dad:
"Your mom and I pay the housepayment, utilities, buy food, etc each month. This is our house. That is our bedroom and we let you live in it. If we ever suspect there is something in there that shouldn't be, we won't hesitated to search it".
I guess that's why I have no problem with the way Bush handled Saddam. UN said to do this, they didn't provide proof, they kept saying they had WMD for one reason or another. Bush called his bluf and attacked.
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