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Quote Bumble " How come the White House can not refute the facts then? Because they will be shown to be true."

It appears that the emergence of your man Clarke is nothing more than a bunch of lies, and what a surprise, here you are referring to them as facts. The Republicans wouldn't be requesting to declassify his former testimony if he hadn't outright lied, otherwise they would have egg on their face. He is now going to be show the liar and idiot he is. Funny thing, even before the Republicans brought up his former testimony, his false claims hadn't shifted any of the opinions of the public. As a matter of fact, if the Dems keep coming up with these liars, trying to release books for profit in the middle of an election year, they will just be handing the election to the Republicans. GO BUSH!!!!
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Originally Posted by Lurikeen
There are a number of problems with your assesment.

First, any book written by a former senior White House staff person such as Clarke, has to be reviewed by the White House for security reasons. Clarke, or his publisher, had any control as to when the White House would release his book for publishing. According to Clarke, it too the White House months to review his book. In a real sense, the timing of the release of the book was up to the White House, not Clarke.
The Whitehouse only censors intelligence. Isn't reality fun?
Kinda like EQ huh?

Originally Posted by Lurikeen
Second, a review of the New York Time's best seller list doesn't appear favorable to books released by former White House officials. I doubt seriously that Clarke has a huge money maker with his book.
1-Million isn't favorable? I thought you hated rich people? Your Clarke is
making 1-MILLION-DOLLARS-AMERICAN. Do you still hate rich people?

Originally Posted by Lurikeen
Third, Clarke is not going to win a position in a Kerry White House over this. Clarke is a conservative (card carrying Republican). He has put himself up for intense scrutiny by the Bush White House and they love to punish their political opponents. So, there is no political gain for Clarke by publishing this book.
Why does Clarke care? He's making 1-MIL off the book.
You're just another peon in his grande scheme of life. Bush who?
By now "Clucke" is buying a ticket near the kennedy compound.
To bad he's a few Bil-short.

Originally Posted by Lurikeen
If Clarke isn't gaining politically, financially and is exposing himself to horrendous criticism and punishment by the Bush administration, what could his motivation be for writing his book? Is it possible that he has truth to share, sees that Bush is lieing, and therefore wants to expose the lies publicly?
Clarke is a liar. Just like Clinton lied. But Clarke doesn't belong to the executive branch
of our government. Therefore he must talk. And he will be found guilty of lieing before
the Senate/Congress because he is stupid. Oh, and he lies.
And his memory serves only one purpose.

Clinton was what for lieing under oath?
Hmm, Attorney huh? I love how the media never mentions the truth about
Clintons impeachment.

Dare the popular media for mentioning Clinton
losing his license to practice Law. They wouldn't dare!

Cool status for a former president huh? Thanks for the 8-Years of appeasement Mr. Clinton.
Enjoy your library.

Zolmaz Zo'Boto (I always enjoy reading lies, because what I truly enjoy, "is" knowing how horribly those liars sleep)

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