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Default What a Travesty


Scroll down and see the story about the possible remake of North by Northwest.

Here is the text anyway...

Thursday 6th February 2003: North By Northwest Update:
Rumours, and we stress it sounds like little else than rumours are that Colin Farrell is looking to develop a remake of North By Northwest with Britney Spears co-starring. The movie will follow Farrell as an advertising agent, mistaken for a government spy, scurrying around Anstruther in Scotland. Spears would play "a kindly local, who lends a helping hand"
I read this a few other places as well.

Not that Eva Marie Saint did a great job acting in the movie...but Britney Spears!?!?! Scotland?!?!?! Colin Farrel?!?!?!


This movie is in my top 3 favorite of all time, and Colin had better not screw this up. The 12 Angry Men remake was by far the WORST I have ever seen.
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You would think people could stop remaking stuff and come up with original ideas. So few good remakes are ever made.
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Come on, I would love to see Britney as a Scottish lass....well maybe just her ass.
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Hitchcock was timeless. This is a travesty. His movies resound today as they did when they were out. They are better than 95% of today's movies. I suggest not even bothering watching the remake.
As far as seeing Britney Spears in a Hitchcock movie, I'd prefer to see her in Rear Window, the X-rated version.
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