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Default Politically correct mad mad mad world , part 2

A group of students and professors at the University of Nebraska says the school's new tagline, "Pioneering New Frontiers," should be reconsidered because it might offend American Indians, reports the Daily Nebraskan.
"There were people here before the pioneers," says Cynthia Willis-Esqueda, coordinator of Native American studies at UNL. "They have always been here and are still here. And the tagline doesn't include them."
The officials who chose the line say it is meant to represent innovation and forward steps, but John Wunder, UNL Academic Senate president and history professor, said he had received calls from several people who called it "exclusionary."

Life in LA
The Los Angeles Times has a rule that the phrase "pro-life" will not appear on its pages because it might offend the pro-abortion crowd, reports Reuters, something a witless opera reviewer found out the hard way.
A music critic for the paper wrote that a Richard Strauss opera was "pro-life," intending to mean that it was a celebration of life. But he had his story changed by a copy editor to read "anti-abortion."
"It's about children who aren't born yet screaming to be born — not abortion," said the critic, Mark Swed. "Somebody who didn't quite get it got a little bit too politically correct ... and we had a little breakdown in communications."
The ban apparently doesn't extend to the phrase "pro-choice."

Crying and Hugging?

Two Georgia State University students who were sighted at an off-campus hip-hop-themed party with their faces painted a dark color have been charged with discriminatory harassment and may be expelled, reports the Atlanta Constitution.
The two members of a fraternity were spotted in blackface by someone from a "historical black fraternity" at a party with the theme "Straight Outta Compton." That someone did not want to file charges, but the university promptly did. The pair have been suspended from the fraternity and face diversity training at a minimum and possibly expulsion.
The incident prompted several hundred students to turn out for a forum about it last week, during which students were described as crying and hugging.

Party Problems
The Cornell University community is in an uproar over the mere rumor that someone there may have showed up at a fraternity party in blackface, reports the Cornell Sun.
The school's Interfraternity Council received a report recently that someone coming from a "Ghetto Fabulous" party was acting in "apparent disrespectful stereotypes regarding people of color." A full-blown investigation is now underway, and a Bias Incident hearing is pending.
"Ghetto Fabulous" parties have become a favorite among many fraternities and sororities on campus, the Sun says. But an anonymous source who attended the party in question denied that anyone came in face paint. The "rapper" clothing people wore may have triggered the complaint, she said.

Zero Tolerance
A high school sophomore is suing a school district in Indiana after he was suspended for wearing a T-shirt bearing the likeness of an M-16 rifle and the text of the Marine Corps creed, reports the News Sentinel.
Nathan Griggs, 16, was suspended from Fort Wayne Community Schools in March because the tee shirt violated the school's policy on offensive and violent clothing.
The offensive text, written by a Marine Corps general after the attack on Pearl Harbor, focuses on the relationship between a Marine and his or her rifle, and is also known as "My Rifle."

For the Birds
City officials in a town in Northern Italy have passed animal rights legislation that essentially bans the boiling of live lobsters as "useless torture," reports the Daily Telegraph. The new law, passed in the town of Reggio Emilia near Bologna, also requires "sociable" birds to be kept in pairs, regulates the size of bird cages, makes it illegal to keep a goldfish in a round glass bowl and requires owners to ensure that each pet sharing a meal gets an equal portion. Some city residents were obviously caught off guard by legislation.
"I'd like someone on the council to explain how people are supposed to determine that a bird is 'sociable,'" said resident Davide Nitrosi. "Also, how am I supposed to kill a lobster before cooking it? Hit it on the head?"
Ad Wars
Arab-Americans say a campaign ad being aired by the George Bush camp that features images of a Middle Eastern man while addressing the issue of terrorism is racially divisive and offensive, reports the Detroit News. The ad features an announcer claiming that Democrat John Kerry would “weaken the Patriot Act used to arrest terrorists and defend Americans.” As the audio plays, an image of a dark-skinned, dark-eyed young man appears on the screen, along with images of a traveler looking at an airport schedule and a person wearing a gas mask. Arab-Americans said the image is hurtful. “It is creating a negative stereotype of a young, unidentified, but clearly Middle Eastern male,” said James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute in Washington.
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Thank Goodness!
A woman in Florida who went on a hunger strike to protest the fact that her town’s holiday displays were not inclusive enough has ended the effort but promised to keep up her fight in court, reports the Miami Herald. Sondra Snowdow had consumed only V-8 and orange juice since Dec. 19 to protest a roadside holiday display in Bay Harbor Islands which featured several menorahs and Stars of David. Town officials plan to include Christmas trees and neutral elements like snowflakes in this year’s display, but Snowdow said that’s not enough. She had wanted a nativity scene and a ''public square'' where other holidays like Kwanzaa and Ramadan could be celebrated

Livid Lawyers
Colorado’s Better Business caved to complaints from lawyers and pulled an ad from the airwaves that members of the local bar association called demeaning to their profession, reports the Rocky Mountain News. The 15-second ad, part of one intended to encourage people to check with them before hiring doing business with people, featured an announcer saying “You inherited a fortune . . . You hired a lawyer . . . Now it's his fortune." The ad was banished from the airwaves following a hearing in which the state's two largest attorney groups complained that it was offensive

Nutty North Carolina
A district court judge in North Carolina says religious references, including oaths that end "so help me God," should be removed from the courts because not all the people in them now are Christian, reports the Associated Press. Judge James M. Honeycutt of the 22nd Judicial District says, “the burden should not be on those individuals to speak up and request an oath that does not mention God or use the Christian Bible." Honeycutt’s district, Davidson County is already embroiled in a debate over a sign reading “In God We Trust” on a government building. Last summer, two residents sued to have the sign removed, saying it violates the First Amendment because it endorses a particular religious viewpoint.

Cartoon Trouble
Black students at the University of Hawaii want several editors of the student newspaper there, the Ka Leo, fired for publishing a cartoon deemed racially insensitive during Black History Month, the paper reports. The cartoon, titled "When to really skip the meeting," featured a character running away from a meeting of people dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes. It was drawn in response to mandatory floor meeting at a campus dormitory intended to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. The author felt the meeting was deceptively advertised and infringed upon her Christian beliefs.
"This comic is culturally insensitive and degrading," said Bridgit Williams, a member of Power 96, an African-American student group at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. "It is inconsiderate for that comic to be published during National Black History Month."
The controversy is just one of several of late at the Hawaiian campus involving the cartoonist. Others have complained about his use of Hitler imagery and use of what were called derogatory terms for women and gays.

How Else?
New public service ads intended to get Americans to lose weight are being called insensitive and stigmatizing, reports USA Today. The new campaign, dubbed Smallstep, features some surreal spots as well as close-ups of protruding tummies, floppy thighs and big butts. The latter were described as offensive to fat folks.
"The message to eat healthier and be more active is good, but to set it up in a way that makes overweight people look disgusting is highly insensitive, stigmatizing and not necessary," said Kelly Brownell, director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders.


A group of students and professors at the University of Nebraska says the school’s new tagline, “Pioneering New Frontiers,” should be reconsidered because it might offend American Indians, reports the Daily Nebraskan.
"There were people here before the pioneers," says Cynthia Willis-Esqueda, coordinator of Native American studies at UNL. "They have always been here and are still here. And the tagline doesn't include them."
The officials who chose the line say it is meant to represent innovation and forward steps, but John Wunder, UNL Academic Senate president and history professor, said he had received calls from several people who called it “exclusionary.”

Truth Hurts

Anti-gun activists have called for the dismissal of a Tory MP in Scotland who dared to suggest that the U.K.’s harsh guns laws are ineffective and that maybe kids should be taught firearm safety, reports the Scottish Press Association.
Patrick Mercer, the Conservative Party’s home security spokesman, told BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland program that a ban on handguns introduced after the Dunblane massacre has had "no effect" on spiralling gun crime.
Dee Warner, from Mothers Against Murder and Aggression, called his comments crass and appalling and called for him to be fired.
Mercer, however, said his statements were taken out of context.
"The only thing I said was that in rural areas it made sense for things like airguns and BB guns to be handled by children so that in later life when they have access to shotguns they knew how to handle them safely and with respect," he said.
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'Pain and Uncertainty'
The president of St. John’s University in New York is being called a racist for daring to criticize a “culture” in which basketball players think it acceptable that they take a stripper back to their hotel room after a game, reports the New York Times. A handful of players accused of doing just that happen to be black.
Six players were either expelled or suspended following last week’s incident in Pittsburgh in which the players took a woman they had met in a strip club back to the team hotel. She initially filed rape charges, but they were later withdrawn and she was charged with prostitution and extortion.
In a later interviews, the Rev. Donald J. Harrington said, “Obviously, I'm not speaking about ethnic or religion or whatever, but for something like this to happen, there has to be a sense to somebody that this is acceptable."
Some students on campus said the remarks were, despite Harrington’s disclaimer, obviously about race. Harrington was forced to apologize for causing “pain and uncertainty” to some on campus.

Racist Smiley Faces

White students at Santa Clara University in California are in a snit because they say they don’t feel welcome at the campus Multicultural Center and resent some "racist" tee shirts produced by the center, reports the San Jose Mercury News.
The row started when the center proposed growing to make room for new cultural clubs. Currently, groups representing Asian, Filipino, black, Chinese, Indian, Hawaiian, Latino, Vietnamese and Arab students have offices at the center.
Part of the campaign involved printing tee shirts with a collage of smiley faces. White students said the blank, expressionless white faces sitting in a sea of smiling faces of color were racist against whites.
Organizers at the center said the blank faces were intended to symbolize the notion of colorblindness, not white people, and the message on the shirt, ``See me,'' that it’s okay to recognize people's differences.

Three Blind Mice

A new prayer book issued by the Church of England has eliminated the fabled “Three Wise Men” because church officials aren’t sure they were smart or even men, reports the Independent. People are now supposed to use the gender-neutral term “magi” instead. "The possibility that one or more of the magi were female cannot be excluded completely," said a committee issued the new guidelines.

As If Janet Weren't Enough

American American groups are calling for a boycott of CBS after the rap group Outkast performed an “offensive and demeaning” song in garish Indian garb at the Grammys, reports the Native American Times. CBS apologized for the performance by Outkast in which young women dressed in green buckskin dresses danced around with a man wearing a war bonnet and another shirtless man in green buckskin leggings. In the background was a tipi with smoke billowing out of it.
Activists at the Native American Cultural Center in San Fransico called the show the "most disgusting set of racial sterotypes aimed at the American Indians that I have ever seen on TV."

Malicious Jellybeans

Parents have sued a school district in suburban Dayton, Ohio after a kindergarten teacher stopped their daughter from distributing bags of jellybeans with an attached prayer to her classmates, reports the Dayton Daily News.
Allen and Sheila Wuebben of Kettering say the school would not allow their daughter to hand out Easter treats to her classmates at Orchard Park Elementary School because of the attached religious message.
School Superintendent Robert Mengerink defended the decision, saying the kids are too impressionable. "My concern is, Can a kindergarten child discern the difference between a friend's opinion about religion and that it wasn't coming from the school or the teacher?" he said.

Crossing the Constitution

Officials in Stanislaus County, Calif. removed a 40-year-old memorial from public property there because the monument included a cross and might infringe on rules about church-state separation, reports the Modesto Bee.
Officials brought in a front-end loader to move the eight-foot cross from its perch at Frank Raines Regional Park to private property nearby. They moved it after being told its presence may be unconstitutional.
The cross is a memorial to David Minniear, who was lost at sea in 1961. Minniear was the son of Ore Minniear, who directed county inmate work gangs that built the park.

Questionable Question

Feminists in Colorado want one of the two chairwomen of committees investigating a football sex scandal at the University of Colorado to resign because she is not sufficient sensitive to the rights of rape victims, reports the Associated Press.
Regina Cowles, president of the Boulder chapter of the National Organization of Women, called remarks by Joyce Lawrence offensive and unacceptable.
Lawrence told a local television station that she would ask the women who claim they were gang-raped by recruits after a night of heavy drinking "why are they going to parties like this and drinking and taking drugs, putting themselves in this position?"

Mean Mascot
A college mascot in Louisiana that looks like a Confederate soldier is racially threatening to black students there and must be retired, reports the Washington Post.
The mascot at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, nicknamed “Tillou,” constitutes a “racial threat,” says Paul Hypolite, the student NAACP chapter president.
The University is named for Francis Tillou Nicholls, a civil war veteran who later became governor of Louisiana and sat on its Supreme Court.

Harried Hares

New Zealand’s advertising watchdog has determined that an ad featuring a group of dancing, chanting butchers praising red meat was "extremely derogatory and insulting to Hare Krishnas," reports the New Zealand Press Association.
"The Appeal Board was in no doubt that the intonation, rhythm, chanting and instrumentation of the butchers dancing down the street was evocative of the Hare Krishna movement,” the Advertising Standards Complaint Board said in its ruling.
“Taking into account that Hare Krishnas had vegetarian dietary habits and considered the cow to be a sacred animal, the advertisement... was extremely derogatory and insulting to Hare Krishnas," it added.
The ad was sponsored by the New Zeland Beef and Lamb Marketing Bureau

Heteroflexible Language
The San Francisco Chronicle informs us that the term “homosexual” is not appropriate when referring to gay people anymore (“too pathological and clinical”) and that a whole host of new words are popping up to describe Bay Area folks who don’t fit into the whole “binary male-female system.”
“Genderqueer” is someone who thinks there are more than two sexes and doesn’t consider himself or herself male or female. Someone who is “pansexual” is attracted to people of multiple genders.
In the transgender (someone with a “gender identity different from the one assigned at birth”) community, a “trannydyke” is a transgender person attracted to people “with a more feminine gender” and a “trannyfag” is someone attracted to people with “a more masculine gender.”
A “boi” is usually a “biological female” with a boyish manner. She might feel like a boy with a “y,” but since she doesn’t have the “boy parts” then boi with an “i” is preferable.
And among people of color, the Chronicle says, the term “queer” sounds too white so they prefer the terms "same-gender-loving people" or "men who sleep with men."The list goes on: "boydyke," "trannyboy, " "multigendered," "polygendered," "queerboi," "transboi," "transguy," "transman," "half-dyke," "bi-dyke," "stud," "stem," "trisexual," "omnisexual," and "multisexual."
Hours of fun!

Discriminatory Speech

A teacher in British Columbia who was suspended for writing letters to local newspapers that expressed reservations about gay pride day and homosexuality in general has lost his appeal of that punishment, reports the CBC.
Chris Kempling was disciplined after writing letters saying homosexuality is “not something to be applauded” and refusing to “be a false teacher saying that promiscuity is acceptable, perversion is normal, and immorality is simply 'cultural diversity' of which we should be proud."
Kempling said the suspension violated his free speech rights, but the British Columbia Supreme Court said such “discriminatory speech” was unacceptable among members of the teaching profession.

There is no indication that he made any similar remarks in the classroom.
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Tolerance Counseling?

A philosophy professor at Lakeland Community College near Cleveland, Ohio has been removed from his post for not disguising his deeply held Catholic beliefs, reports the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.
FIRE says James Tuttle’s troubles began in May 2003 when a student complained to administrators that the professor mentioned his Catholic beliefs too often in class and suggested that he needed "counseling for tolerance."
Following the complaint, Dr. Tuttle added disclaimers to the syllabi of two of his classes informing students that the professor was "a committed Catholic Christian philosopher and theologian." He also encouraged students who felt uncomfortable with his views to talk to him outside of class.
Administrators said they were troubled by disclaimer and suggested that Dr. Tuttle would “be happier in a sectarian classroom." His courseload (and pay) was subsequently reduced and his classes were monitored by a fellow professor.

Neckware Trouble

A teacher in Norway has been asked not to wear a half-inch Star of David around his neck so as not to offend some students, especially those from the Palestinian territories, reports Norwegian Broadcasting.
The teacher, Inge Telhaug, works at an adult education center in Kristiansand. The principal of the school told him the star could be interpreted as a political symbol and provoke Muslim students.
Telhaug is not happy. "I can't accept this. It is a small star, 16 millimeters (0.6 inches) that I have around my neck, usually under a T-shirt. I see it as my right to wear it," he said.


Activists in Berkeley, Calif. are angling to change the name of Jefferson Elementary school because the signer of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves during his lifetime, reports the Berkeley Daily Planet.
Instigators of the change have garnered the signatures of 40 percent of the staff and 32 percent of the parents in their effort. Now, students must vote on the change.
Should Jefferson go, he would be the latest in a stream of dead white males scrubbed from school buildings in Berkeley. Abraham Lincoln Elementary was renamed Malcolm X following community pressure some years ago, and just four years ago Christopher Columbus Elementary was rebuilt and renamed after Rosa Parks.

Big Kahuna

A group of Hawaiians are ticked off because Dodge has chosen to name a new concept car The Kahuna, reports the Honolulu Advertiser.
They say the name is an offensive commercialisation of a native Hawaiian term that means “priest.”
"I find it offensive, especially now, because we finally got our own people who are practicing kahunas, the healers, and here are these guys making fun of it,” said Keola Lake, a kahuna nui, or high priest. “They don't call a car a 'Witchcraft,' or a 'Voodoo,' "
"It's like the Tibetan monks: Let's call it 'The Dalai,' " he says.

Too Christian'

America’s AMC movie theater chain reversed itself and decided to show an ad from Baptists that is intended to drum up interest in the church around the time audiences are watching Mel Gibson’s new film The Passion of Christ, reports the Associated Press. AMC had initially rejected the ad, saying it was “too Christian” and “too dark.”
The black-and-white ad begins by asking audiences whether they want to see the "most scandalous story ever." In the original rejected version, the words betrayal, sin, adultery, greed, envy, weakness, poverty, torture and murder flash on the screen. AMC agreed to show the ad when the Baptists agreed to substitute the words fear, anger and deceit for torture, murder and adultery.

So Were We

An NBA announcer who came under fire for referring to basketball star Yao Ming as a “Chinaman” has apologized and said he was unaware it was an insult, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.
Steve Kerr was pilloried after he used the term during a nationally televised game a couple weeks ago. The Organization of Chinese Americans described its members as incensed by the phrase.
“I'd like to offer a heartfelt apology to all viewers, and to Chinese Americans in particular, for referring to Yao Ming as a 'Chinaman' on TNT's broadcast of the Houston Rockets game this past Monday night,” Kerr said in a statement. “I made the comment very innocently, as I incorrectly believed that referring to Yao in that way was the same as calling someone a 'Frenchman', an 'Englishman' or a 'Dutchman.'”
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He's Back

Dolpho the racist police dog is back in the news, reports the Associated Press. The dog, a K-9 officer in McKees Rock, Pa., has again been accused of racial profiling after biting a black child at a middle school demonstration. The bite tore the child’s clothing but did not break the skin.
The allegations of racism against Dolpho first surfaced two years ago after he bit a 9-year-old boy while on patrol. He was cleared following a two-month investigation, but some local residents say this latest attack only renews their fear. They want him retired or put down.

More Mascot

The California state assembly has passed a bill that would legally outlaw the use of the term “Redskin” to describe a public school sports mascot, reports KCRA-TV. The final version of the bill is a compromise to one proffered by Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg which would have outlawed all Native American mascots, including "braves," "Indians," "chiefs," "warriors" and "redskins."
The bill must still be approved by the state senate and signed by the governor.

Racial Hostility

The Southern Poverty Law Center, despite being located hundreds of miles of away, has called on the University of Illinois to abandon its Chief Illiniwek mascot because it is offensive to American Indians, reports the Champaign News-Gazette.
The SPLC’s Brandon Wilson said the center's position was released in anticipation of a vote by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees in March on whether to retire the chief.
"If the members of the board vote to retain Chief Illiniwek as a mascot and symbol, it communicates to us support of a racially hostile environment," Wilson said.
The Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC made a name for itself chasing Klansmen and militias. Now, it focuses on serving diabetic prison inmates, 10 commandment-toting judges and writing movie reviews.

Art Attack

An art exhibit at a public library in San Jose, Calif. is under fire from local Latinos because it featured objects depicting the area’s lowrider culture. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the art in question was unsuitable it was “too one-dimensional,” meaning it didn’t portray Latinos in a positive enough light.
A poster advertising the program, which featured a scantily clad woman, also was withdrawn after being deemed sexist.
The series of so-called “lowrider tables'' at a local library was changed because it was too “narrow an illustration of the Chicano culture” and because Latinos weren’t involved in the decision-making process. They originally were intended as a tribute to local popular culture.

More Rings Racism

A writer tracked down by the Montgomery, Ala.-based Southern Poverty Law Center says the Lord of the Rings trilogy is like promotional ad for those “tired old race and gender paradigms that were all the rage back in author J.R.R. Tolkien's day.”
Andrea Lewis, described as a San Francisco-based writer and co-host of the Morning Show on KPFA-FM 94.1 in Berkeley, Calif, says on the SPLC’s website that the Rings movie should instead have been called "The Return of the Patriarchy."
That almost all the heroes of the series are "manly men who are whiter than white" and “frequently framed in halos of blinding bright light and exude a heavenly aura of all that is Eurocentric and good” is proof for her of the films' racist leanings.
Lewis much prefers the Matrix movies, she says, because they give “women and people of color some characters they can relate to.” All the better, she says, most of the bad guys in the Matrix movies are really “Euro.”
“It's the patriarchy of the past versus the Rainbow Coalition of the future,” she says.

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And how do we increase our post count when we can't bump stuff or start posting on everything a couple of lines for the expressed purpose of increasing post count?

By posting some insanely long piece about how stupid people can be that is sooooo long that it takes over a dozen posts to finish.

My congradulations on being able to use a search engine set to look for stupid things, my condolences on not having the wit to realize that we don't care.
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The one that stood out for me was the UK gun-law item. Obviously an American person may have a very different opinion or outlook on this subject, but here in the UK, the general view is that we don't want guns in our country. Period. So the very idea of teaching children to use them isn't exactly going to go down too well with the public at large at all!
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here in the UK, the general view is that we don't want guns in our country. Period. So the very idea of teaching children to use them isn't exactly going to go down too well with the public at large at all!
You have to understand that Chuk is an American conservative. He tends to believe that even if the populace of another country feels some particular way, they should be adopting his beliefs. He has no concept of ethnocentricity or any empathy at all.
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You have to understand that Chuk is an American conservative. He tends to believe that even if the populace of another country feels some particular way, they should be adopting his beliefs. He has no concept of ethnocentricity or any empathy at all.
Now that's an odd statement coming from you..since it's been notoriously the American left that is most guilty of forcing their views on others..
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Chuk, do you think you could at least edit out the gaps between paragraphs? Especially if you are going to quote entire pages when links are sufficient.
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He's just dropping the transcript on the table, links supplied therewith. I need to get me some sleep I couldn't read all that stuff right now.
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Lol those were some big gaps(ill fix it), ive noticed less people are apt to read a link than see the actual article in front of them already. My post count is plenty high already, i had to post multiple times to get everything down. To the dumbshit who thought i was giving my opinion on those articles or creating them out of thin air, please kill yourself and take Bumble with you (joke)
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As probably one of the more liberal minded posters here, I would have to say that people are too damn sensitive sometimes.

There is no 'hurtful by means of exclusion.' If everything were so generic so as to not exclude anyone, America would be a pretty vanilla place, and it would kill all of our varied culture.

Next thing you know asians will protest that our capitol and other historical buildings feature architecture derived from european traditions to the exclusion of asian influence.

I dont remember where in the constitution that it says that you can't chew gum if you didn't bring enough for everyone.

God, as referenced by 'In God we Trust' is not the christian god. Its also not not the christian god. Its an ambigious reference to a embodiement of a sense of greater good. The framers were not christian. Most of them were Deists. Christianity does not have a monopoly on capitalizing the first name of the word god to name their deity.

People who make seperation of church and state issues frequently stumble on that point. Yes, the government can reference God. It just cannot preach or enforce the rules of said god. Seperation of church and state does not mean that the government must be an aethiest entity. It is, can, and should be an agnostic entity. Aethiests who claim discrimination are whiners. It takes more faith to believe in the value of a piece of paper or coin than it does to beleive there is a god of some kind somewhere out there.

Calling the three wise men 'magi' is actually more accurate to the original stories. Correcting hundreds of years of misinterpretation is not a bad thing.

A rebel soldier is not a racist emblem. Most rebel soldiers were not more or less racist than union soldiers of the time.
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God, as referenced by 'In God we Trust' is not the christian god. Its also not not the christian god. Its an ambigious reference to a embodiement of a sense of greater good
Not really. Actually, it is the christian god it's referring to. It doesn't say "In A God We Trust." Our founding fathers we for the most part christian, of one sect or another.
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