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Yeppers that one. They knew the electorate was not in favor of the war.

Us libs told you thickheads a year ago that the problem was that many countries would be putting in anti-American regimes as a result of this and that it was going to hurt America in the long run. Lesson to you thickheads---
Diplomacy=good, Unilateralism=bad.
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Im not sure what you're saying, you mean the govt who just got booted out of spain for not agreeing with thier people wanted unilateralism also wanted Kerry? and you are using that as an argument for your side?
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Old 03-15-2004, 10:44 AM   #28
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The Spanish Gov't. knew it was hurting in the polls. There is no way out of Iraq for them other than to hope the US backs out. Getting close to an election this can cause them great distress. I threw this name out there as rhetoric and rhetoric only. I don't really think the deposed Spanish regime was the ones who said that, but it is possible.
Although it is possible, I doubt it was really the Spanish gov't that said that. I believe the fuckers who just got their asses handed to them in that election were warmongers like Bush. More than likely Russia, France, Germany or even Canada or Mexico stated they aren't big fans of Bush's. But this should be no surprise, this was a problem of his before the 2000 election. There were numerous article written how Bush was not too favorable to European leaders because he lacked diplomatic skills.
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